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Maverick Lesbian Mothers

28 Feb Posted by in • Robin Lowey | Comments Off on Maverick Lesbian Mothers
Maverick Lesbian Mothers

“Female-headed households can provide even better parenting for boys than households with men”. Wow! Thats a big statement.

Our family participated in a long term study by Dr. Peggy Drexler. She studied female-headed and two-mom households and the effect it has on raising boys. She interviewed my partner, myself and our two children over the course of several years. Even though it was a little inconvenient (and in the end I felt we were somewhat misrepresented) it was very groundbreaking and important work. We wanted to help represent a new wave of lesbian parenting pioneers, and show the world that our families raised well-adjusted and wonderful kids.

My boys in their favorite Queer Spawn T-shirts

From the book jacket: According to prevailing wisdom, a boy must be raised with a man in the house; otherwise, he’s bound to be a failure. That same wisdom tells us that mothers left to their own devices will smother their sons and turn them into sissies, and that sons of unmarried mothers are destined to a life of crime. I wasn’t quite convinced that this “common” knowledge was accurate or true so I embarked on a groundbreaking study that compared boys from female-headed households with boys from traditional mom-and-dad families. The results were published in a reputable peer-reviewed journal and they were so heartening that I expanded focus for the book to include other types of woman-headed households. Raising Boys Without Men is an examination of these boys and their amazing mothers. Rebutting confidently spouted opinions to the contrary, my research shows that boys raised without fathers are socially savvy, generous, caring communicators, while still remaining extremely “boyish”—passionate about sports and adept at rough-housing with friends. These boys’ maverick moms are pioneering a new form of parenting that rejects social judgments about family structure and gender stereotype, and which stresses the importance of communication, community, and love. These brave women have much to teach us about a better way to raise tomorrow’s men.

From Amazon: Backed by peer-reviewed research, this hotly debated bestseller (San Francisco Chronicle) continues to open eyes with its finding that raising thriving, emotionally healthy sons does not require a man in the house.

As the number of single-mom and two-mom households has grown, so have concerns about the possible damage caused by the lack of a stable male role model in the house. Determined to find the truth, research psychologist Peggy Drexler embarked on a long-term study comparing boys raised in nontraditional families with those whose fathers were present throughout their childhood. The results were startling. Female-headed households can provide even better parenting for boys than households with men. Sons from female-headed families can grow up emotionally stronger and more well-rounded than boys from “traditional” mother-father families―more in touch with their feelings yet masculine in all the ways defined by our culture.

Raising Boys Without Men is available on Amazon.

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