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WHO the heck ARE we?

Click to hear Marga Gomez interview founder Robin Lowey about Epochalips

Epochalips: Interview by Kathy Belge on Lesbian

California Lesbian Project: Person of Interest: Robin Lowey

Epochalips voted “Best Lesbian E-Zine 2011″ By
Listen to Epochalips segment 1:42:28 (March 15, 2013) into this podcast.

Founder Robin Lowey on About Me


Who Are We?
We are out and proud lesbians who cleared the way for queer/bi/transgender youth. We are athletes, artists, musicians, entertainers, writers, businesswomen, adventurers, foodies, mothers, daughters, nurses, doctors, teachers, coaches, retirees, volunteers, and much more.

A few of our contributors: Meredith Baxter, Vicki Randle, Kate Clinton, Nicole Conn, Marga Gomez, Monica Palacios, Page Hodel, Margie Adam, Jewelle Gomez,  Robin Lowey, Eleanor Palacios, Jody Cole, Kim Powell, Wallis Stern, Leslie Larsen, Rachel Wahba, Shawn McAndrew, and YOU! Please submit a 500 word essay and get involved.

What’s the Mission of Epochalips?
Epochalips is where we go to share our stories, become informed and create an ongoing conversation with our community.  Our mission is to become a modern alternative to the ways lesbians supported each others’ endeavors by building community through now defunct bookstores/coffeehouses/women’s rags etc. By featuring a wide range of content and spreading the word on a global platform about what is going on for us, we provide a valuable resource for our community.

Epochalips is a cyber environment that empowers and heals us, and validates our common experience. Unlike any other site out there, we are committed to staying uncluttered and non-commercialized. Get involved and help us grow!

What are people saying about us?
Meredith Baxter says: “What a wonderfully creative forum for women that’s fun, irreverent and insightful!”

My Lesbian Radio’s Lesbian Lounge: “Cool Website of the Week: – an online magazine run by and created by out and proud lesbians who help promote and support new and exciting projects, people, content and endeavors by building community, spreading the word, and providing a valuable resource of support and exposure. Check out interviews with Meredith Baxter and contributing writers Marga Gomez, Nicole Conn and Robin Lowey’s work”

What the Heck Does Epochalips Mean?
Epochalips (pronounced apocalypse) is all about the next chapter of our interesting, exciting lives.  The word epoch means a moment in time chosen as the origin of a particular era. This is our time. We aren’t old but we aren’t young either.  Lips is a good lesbian word. And Epochalips is….well….its just our name, OK?

I want to contribute a story to Epochalips. What do I do?
First, hug yourself. Because you’re helping to make this site (and our world) better.

Next, email us.

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