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Georgia’s Peach

25 Jun Posted by in • Guest Writers | Comments Off on Georgia’s Peach
Georgia’s Peach

When we first became friends, I acknowledged to myself a deep attraction to this woman. I spent months disregarding it, believing that the age difference would deem the potential relationship terminal. It became evident that all the feelings I had for her were not going to dissipate, no matter how many times I tried to convince myself the age gap was too great. No matter how unlikely the pairing appears to the rest of this world, I know that it’s right for us and I’ve never felt the need to explain it to anyone until now.

It was late Fall, just on the brink of Winter. We were sitting together, her hand resting on my thigh just before making its anticipated, sequential move to the nape of my neck. Her hands were warm and soft on my body. I remained more aware of her hand than what was being said in the room. Suddenly, my attention was abruptly shifted to a comment made by the man sitting only one seat ahead of us. “What a beautiful daughter you have,” he said to Georgia

With these words still looming in the air, testing my vulnerability, they eventually twisted and turned and made their final descent into my heart. I immediately felt my face blush as I couldn’t push his words out of my mind. I knew something  would surface at some point, but I never intended to sound so polite. What could I say?  Quickly, almost in retaliation, I said “I take after my Mom.”

Georgia and I laughed, but I knew this was not the last time my partner, or myself were to hear these words, or some variation of their implication. To be fair, with her 22 years my senior, certainly anyone would assume the relationship was platonic (or at least familial!)

The real question is this: Can our love survive innocent yet, nonetheless, ignorant comments?  My answer is: Yes!  These hurdles are unequivocally strengthening our relationship. They set the precedent for open communication even in the wake of shock and discomfort. Our relationship has often been pushed to the limit. Now it is Spring and our relationship is far from breaking, instead we break boundaries with love.

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