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Ask a Battle Axe #2

Ask a Battle Axe #2

In my 61 years I have learned many things and as a wise Latina, I will share with you some good old-fashioned common sense. Please send your Battle Axe questions to

Dear Battle Axe,

I recently met a woman 20 years my junior and I am having a ball, my friends think I’m crazy and a cougar, what do you think?

—Crazy in love

Dear Crazy in Love,

Of course you are, but do you care? I hope not, enjoy!

Dear Battle Axe,

My partner’s best friend, Kelly, just broke up with her partner of 25 years. Kelly of course feels awful and we want to be supportive, so we take all her calls no matter what time of day. At what point can we stop being so nice?

—BFs in Cleveland

Dear BFs,

Be gentle and tell her to adjust her meds, not sure whether its up or down. Btw, one of my favorite pastimes is to figure out which friends are off their meds. Good luck!

Dear Battle Axe,

My Gal doesn’t like to try different types of foods; she’s a steak and potatoes kind of person. How can I get her to try different foods and be more adventurous?

—Adventurous in Arizona

Dear Adventurous,

Tell her spicy feels good on the way in and the way out!

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  • Sunny Bak says:

    I have a friend who complains and complains about her EX girlfriend. How do I support her to move on?

  • Rosalinda says:

    Hola amigas estoy locamente enamorada de 3 mujeres a la vez, estoy loca? o me vuelven ellas loca..Estoy muy querida y a la vez no tengo tiempo para mi, que debo hacer?

  • i love you pretty battle axe says:

    what could be better than all other talk and radio shows than this experience solid lesbian??? you!!!! i am straight , but the answers apply to people of all walks of life……………….l love you battle axe!!!

  • I love you too! I do think it applies to all. Thanks for your comment. BA

  • Aye Locita, you’re in love with 3 mujeres! Si estas loca! Get rid of one. Buena suerte! BA

  • It sounds like she needs a current girlfriend…scrawl her number on the door of the bathroom stall. BA