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Sharon Gless, Will You Marry Me?

02 Aug Posted by in • Robin Lowey | 1 comment
Sharon Gless, Will You Marry Me?

Ahhh….Sharon Gless, my HERO! Sharon is nominated for an Emmy award for her role as Michaels’ fiery tempered mother Madeline on USA’s Burn Notice. I have been IN LOVE with Sharon since the Cagney and Lacey days. I was sure she was a dyke and a real alcoholic in recovery (just like Christine Cagney), so absolutely convinced, that 20 years ago I actually went to a lesbian AA meeting in West Hollywood just to try and see her in person…yes folks I had a SERIOUS crush.

I now know she is straight, (Ok, so was Cagney) but she is still the quintessential role model of a strong woman on television, then and now. I loved her back in the 70’s in Return of the Stepford Wives opposite Don Johnson…where she kicked some serious freaky robotic-woman ass. Then there was Queer as Folk, where she literally created the role for herself as the PFLAG waving Debbie Novotny. As the burger-slinging Mom of the adorable Hal Sparks she took on a role that no one in Hollywood wanted to touch. She invented Debbie’s whole persona, right down to the ridiculous red wig, zany outfits and 39 pieces of flair that said “I love my Gay son.”

Sharon is a longtime friend to our community, and can often be found in the casino if you are ever on one of Rosie’s R Family vacation cruises. And how about her Dyke role in Hannah Free? Wow.

I finally got a chance to meet my hero at last year’s Dyke March. Thanks to my longtime pal, event MC Marga Gomez, I got to go backstage where Sharon was waiting to address the crowd and then lead us all in the march.

She was lovely in person, and every bit the salty broad she plays on TV. I asked her, “Did you bring your husband with you?” She took a long drag off her cigarette, looked at me sideways, and croaked in that famous raspy voice, “Naw… I left him at home.”  Then she gave me a hug and led that march with a big smile on her face. Dykes love Sharon Gless and Sharon Gless loves Dykes. And she always delivers, whether on stage or in support of our community. Bring home that Emmy Sharon, we’re rooting for you!

Check out Sharon’s wicked sense of humor in “Farting in the Women’s Room”.

Also Sharon’s blog at

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One comment