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You had me at…

You had me at…

It was a most perfect day, a Saturday to be exact, in on the patio of El Rio for Chantal’s Mango T-Dance. I hadn’t been out partying for quite a while. The day was special because I was with friends, the sun was radiant, in the company of a sea of women and listening to smokin’ beats. I was in the Zone! Then that one song came on and I knew in my mind, soul and body I’d been touched.  The hand started pumpin” to the sky, the hips and feet were moving and my voice involuntarily yelled with delight.

I was in a space where everything is all right in the world, where three square feet of space belonged to me. My eyes were closed and when they reopened, there before me was a most beautiful dark chocolate woman looking deep into my eyes, who said; will you dance with me? It was seamless, we moved together like we’d known each other forever, nothing and no one else existed, in a dance that bonded us in a moment, not to be forgotten.

Back to the present: Alia and I became fast friends and once I formally met her partner, we’ve become family. Though our friendship was new I was invited to their engagement party and subsequently to the wedding on October 16, 2010 held at the Presidio Golf Club and Café, a beautiful setting. Alia and Theresa were resplendent in cream colored designer attire. The guests were a kaleidoscope of every shade of color and age. Family and friends were there from the Bay Area, New York, the Caribbean, Colombia and Peru. The ceremony started with a wonderfully warm rendition of “Over the Rainbow”, readings of Ruth 1, 16-17, and Jelaluddin Rumi, followed by guest affirmations.

The most touching moment was the Warming of the Rings, which were passed around to over 90 guests to touch, pray over and to bless—a magical interlude. The vows were spoken by these two extraordinary women then they performed the Jumping of the Broom: A ritual handed down from generations. To remind us of a time when the vows of enslaved Africans were not legally sanctioned, Jumping over the Broom was a bonding act giving legitimacy and strength to their unions. We then retired to a tastefully decorated dining and lounge area with a roaring fire, fabulously adroit and welcoming staff, who served us delicious dinner and wine. Our dessert was a beautiful four tier fondant wedding cake with three different flavors, served to us by Theresa and Alia.

The evening was punctuated by the thoughtful spinning of pop, Latin and reggae music by a great DJ. Once we were fed and feted the ecstatic couple and everyone else were ready to party. It was on! We danced, celebrated and showered love all over. All of these people came for a singular and monumental purpose, to give love and blessings to Alia and Theresa. They had me at I Do.

Alia and Theresa have been together two years and met at the birthday party of a mutual friend. They love traveling together and are honeymooning in Turkey and Egypt.

Alia is a social worker originally from Southern California. She currently lives in San Francisco. She lived in NYC for six years and Boston for two. Alia’s parents are Caribbean and she has three older siblings. Alia’s family is ever supportive and loving.

Theresa works in marketing for an international money transfer company in San Francisco. She’s lived in San Francisco for 13 years.  She also grew up in Southern California, though she spent a great deal of her childhood living in Colombia, her mother’s country of origin. Theresa is extremely close to her family

Marquitta Olivia is a longtime San Francisco resident, 29 years, nine months in the same house, same phone number. Career and Diversity Consultant, business owner, poet, sings and whole lot of other stuff.

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One comment

  • Jan in Boulder says:

    Thanks, Marquitta Olivia, for using these words to create a beautiful landscape of lesbian love and friendship.