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Glazed and Confused

Glazed and Confused

Having explained how I judge my precious donuts (please review Battle Axe Tastin’ and a Tellin’ Part 1), I decided to include the following places based on what I read about them and what was recommended to me. They are as follows:  The Doughnut Plant in New York City, Dynamo Donuts in San Francisco, Randy’s Donuts in Inglewood, CA (near LAX), Psycho Donuts in San Jose, Voodoo Donuts in Portland, and Rollen Donuts in Merced, CA.

The Doughnut Plant is in a league of their own. Well worth the walk that I made that day from 23rd Street all the way down to 379 Grand St. After having a ginger glaze, and cake glazed, and coffee, (I also took a jelly filled for later) I walked all the way back. It’s important to keep my Battleaxe waistline in check. They have an excellent selection, including Creme Brulee, Tres Leches and Churros, definitely planning on trying on my next trip—and yes, I will be back. I highly recommend them.

Psycho Donuts and Voodoo Donuts are fun and somewhat creative names, but having Fruit Loops or psychedelic color sprinkles on a donut does not make a true donut. Calling your glazed “Glazed and Confused” might be clever and your fritter with apricots might sound gourmet but it did nothing for me. When I made my trip to Psycho Donuts in downtown San Jose, there were no people there and I asked the person who waited on me if the donuts were fresh from that morning she said yes but when I finally got to my mother’s home where I conducted my test it was very obvious that they were not. Thumbs down to both of these places.

Dynamo Donuts on 24th St in San Francisco are good and I have to give them credit for what they have come up with, like Apricot Cardamon, Maple Glazed Bacon Apple, Banana de Leche, Lemon Pistachio, Chocolate Star Anise. Delightful and tasty but I think too expensive and the day I went there, the coffee they served, Four Barrel which is normally very robust and flavorful, was very weak. Sorry Dynamo…and anyway, what are you doing in the Mission? I want my pan dulce!

So now we are down to Rollen Donuts and Randy’s. Drum roll please…and the winner is BOTH. It truly is a tie. They both get the Battle Axe Seal of Approval and Licking of The Lips Distinction Award. Trust me you will not be disappointed with both of these places. The Apple Fritters are so scrumptious.  Crispy on the outside and moist and full of apples on the inside.  Get them when they are hot. The glazed are heavenly and light as they should be. These are real donuts people, lovely in their simplicity and exquisite in their taste. The only reason I know about Rollen Donuts is because my dear friend Fatima lives in Merced and Rollen is around the corner from her house. Their address is 2010 G Street, Merced CA. No website but their phone number is 209-725-9435. I believe a local family run business. I know many of you are saying to yourself, when am I going to be in Merced? Well how about on your way to Yosemite, or if you are going to LA and you happen to be taking Highway 99.  It could happen.

Randy’s is well known and has been in a few movies, their address is 805 West Manchester Avenue, Inglewood, CA. They have a huge donut on top of their tiny stand for gosh sakes! They are open 24 hours, that means the donuts are always hot. And you can buy lotto tickets there. That’s a real plus in my book—sugar and a chance to be a millionaire? Hell Yea! Check out their website: where they have all kinds of fun info like the list of all the movies they have been in,  you can see a couple of videos and check out their merchandise. I need to buy a t-shirt next time I am there. After you pick up your car rental at LAX, stop on by for the best donut ever.

Next Stop –  Best Guacamole! Grab your margarita and join me. You’ll find out what every Battle Axe needs to know about America’s favorite foods in ‘Tastin and a Tellin’’

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  • Marga says:

    I was staying 3 blocks from the Donut plant and developed a 2 donut a day habit. My favorite is their creme brulee. Great article. Makes me want a donut. I can’t believe you walked all the way from 23rd st. I find the walk from the nearest subway stop to be long. There’s a great bagel place near there too Moshe’s Bialys. Their bagels are better than their bialys.

  • pdx girl says:

    Oh, I so disagree on Voodoo Donuts. Its a Portland institution for many reasons (including midnight commitment ceremonies that happen onsite) and one is because they make great fresh donuts all day long. Next time you visit try the Maple Bacon, the namesake Voodoo or the wonderfully huge plain glazed donut call the the Tex-Ass.

  • Claire says:

    Blue and I just stopped in at the Donut Farm (6037 San Pablo Ave.) in North Oakland for the first time today. A strange and groovy little place with weird hours, their donuts are vegan(!) with intriguing non-junky flavors like salt caramel, candycap mushroom, and creamsicle. Kinda pricey, but worth it; we plan on going back for more.
    I do love a donut!

  • Sadam says:

    Totally agree. My favorite uondts come from a shop called “The Donut Shop” in Inlet, NY. They have cinnamon and sugar or plain. That’s it. They come in an unassuming white paper bag. And they are the best uondts I’ve tasted.I order a dozen every time I visit the Adirondacks: no matter how many people I am with. Come to think of it … I should start bringing fewer guests …