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Gyms, Sweat & Hairless Private Parts

28 Jan Posted by in • Ask a Battle-axe | Comments Off on Gyms, Sweat & Hairless Private Parts
Gyms, Sweat & Hairless Private Parts

In my 61 years I have learned many things and have some good old-fashioned common sense. Send your questions to

Dear Battleaxe,

I go to Bikram Yoga and I always shower there because I sweat like a pig. Last time I was there, we were all naked and a woman looks over at another woman—who had a hairless vajayjay—and she says “wow, why do you do that? Does it itch? Do you shave every day?” I was shocked! What happened to gym etiquette? Do you think that was inappropriate?

Dear Shocked,

Nothing surprises me anymore. No, I do not think it was appropriate but I guess my question to you is, what did the woman say?

Dear Battleaxe,

I belong to a local gym, I am usually there around four times a week and I have noticed a number of women who work out and are pretty drenched with sweat. Instead of showering, I have seen one on a regular basis just do a kind of sponge bath thing—I mean really, just take a shower for crying out loud! Wdyt?

Dear For Crying Out Loud,

I don’t shower at the gym but that is because I live close by and I shower at home. So when I’m done I go straight home, if I plan to stop at the store which is on the way home, I usually wash my face but I don’t do the pseudo shower thing. Hmmm, maybe the way to tell if this is indeed their method of cleaning up is if they change into clothes and get out of their gym clothes. I mean if you are willing to undress you might as well shower, right? Sweating stinks, please shower people!

Dear Battleaxe,

On the subject of sweating at the gym, what’s with the people who have a towel on them but don’t use it. In other words they use all the cardio machines, sweat all over them onto the floor but don’t wipe themselves, so when they are done 30 minutes later, (the time limit at my gym) they look like they just got out of the shower because they are drenched. I have to admit it is usually men but there is one woman at my gym who does this. I don’t get it!

Dear Don’t Get it,

I don’t understand either. I mean if you have a towel, you wipe yourself, that is the whole point. My gym does require that you have one but they don’t enforce the rule. Also because some people sweat so much, maybe they want to wipe off at the end rather than throughout because their towel will become drenched. I am totally perplexed by this one. I once had to tell an extreme sweater that if he got his sweat all over my things that were by my side, I was going to kick his ass. I yelled at him: “USE YOUR TOWEL!” I finally had to move.

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