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Bathroom Etiquette, Zen Like Ways & Hoarders

22 Mar Posted by in • Ask a Battle-axe | Comments Off on Bathroom Etiquette, Zen Like Ways & Hoarders
Bathroom Etiquette, Zen Like Ways & Hoarders

In my 61 years I have learned many things and have some good old-fashioned common sense. Send your questions to

Dear Battle Axe,
On many occasions while visiting friends, I have had to use their restroom. More than once after doing my business I see that they do not have any toilet paper. Luckily for me I carry tissue in my purse. When I come out of the restroom I make sure and tell them so they can replenish. What do you do under these circumstances?

—Desperate in Daly City

Dear Desperate
Do you really want to know?

Dear Battle axe
How does one get into a zen like state of mind and not care about all the stress in one’s life? Missing something.

Dear Missing Something,
Personally I find that if I roll a big fat Cheech & Chong size doobie, smoke it and sit in my favorite rocking chair I get zenned out and nothing bothers me. Ooommmmmmm.

Dear Battle axe,
How do you know if you are a hoarder? I think I might be—I save everything, you know, just in case.

Dear Just In Case,
Let me ask you a few questions, but I’m pretty sure you qualify:

Are there stacks of newspapers in your house from twenty years ago?

Do you save egg cartons for the beads you will buy to make a necklace from that class that you took 10 years ago?

Do you save the toilet paper and paper towel cardboard tubes for that recycling art project you signed up for when your child was 5 and now they are 25?


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