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Meredith’s Comes “Untied” in the Castro

24 Mar Posted by in • Robin Lowey | 3 comments
Meredith’s Comes “Untied” in the Castro

Meredith Baxter arrived at Books Inc last night, accompanied by son Peter and partner Nancy’s older sister, slipping quietly though the side door. After a long day of Bay Area Radio and TV appearances, she was greeted by a gaggle of adoring fans, peppering her with questions and later waiting patiently to get their books signed. Men, women, gay and straight of all ages came to meet her in person.

There were some very touching moments when people expressed that they really related to her story. Then there was the gaffe by the store manager when he referred to her accidently as Ms. Birney. As you can imagine, she shot him a look! But all in all it was a pleasant exchange, and, looking fabulous as always, she sparkled and cracked jokes. Despite her upbeat attitude, she was serious when she spoke about the abuse she endured during her marriage to David Birney as well as her troubled childhood. When asked if she worried about saying “bad “ things about her children’s father, she disclosed that one of her kids wondered why she had gone so easy on him..

The questions from lesbian fans kept her busy because there were a lot of them! What was it like coming out so late in life? What did her children think? How did she like being a spokeswoman for the gay community?  She expressed that coming so late to the party minimized her credibility as an out lesbian, but the women in attendance weren’t having any of it, they clearly appreciated her coming out and respect her as an author and a vocal member of the Gay community.

If you didn’t already get your copy of “Untied” a Memoir of Family, Fame and Floundering, you’ve been missing out. This is a great book, written with honesty and candor. Meredith’s life story is one that everyone can relate to. Her transformation, from ignored child to battered wife to alcoholic—to finally changing her belief system about herself to achieve happiness and a life she never dreamed of—is compelling and well-written. The fascinating behind the scenes look at the entertainment industry during her 40-year plus career is an added bonus.

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  • I am so happy for her! She was always a favorite and to know she’s survived and thrived AND is able to come out makes all the work that we all have done these past decades worth it!!!

  • Monica says:

    Robin, glad you were able to capture this moment for Epochalips. Great write up. Meredith rocks.

  • Beatrice says:

    I think I may just have to go buy this book. AND make a donation to epochlips.