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Nicole Conn and Why You Can’t Fake It

30 Mar Posted by in • Robin Lowey | 3 comments
Nicole Conn and Why You Can’t Fake It

It was a sunny warm March day when I walked on to the set of Nicole Conn’s new movie A Perfect Ending. You know Nicole—she is responsible for Claire of the Moon and more recently Elena Undone—the story about falling in love with her partner Marina Bader, who is the executive producer on both new films.

Today the film is being shot in Nicole and Marina’s lovely home, and I am received with a warm welcome. Nicole drops what she’s doing, rushes up to hug me and immediately tells me how much she loves Epochalips. Yay!

In a home they share with their 5 kids, the couple has managed to create an amazingly professional set— the huge floor to ceiling windows, large pool and lush grounds make a fabulous backdrop for the scenes they are currently shooting. Next week they will be shooting at a beautiful nearby estate.

I am treated warmly by a cast and crew resembling a big happy family, which includes members of Nicole and Marina’s real life family, a few of their kids and Nicole’s mother among them.

I make a hasty retreat to the bathroom, needing to pee badly after driving all the way through downtown LA from the coast.  On the floor next to the toilet are some little boy’s pajamas and underwear, which reminds me of the good old days with my own little boys, causing me to chuckle and feel instantly at home.

Suddenly I hear the AD, an imposing fellow named Ben, bark the order “Clear the set, everyone out! Quiet now…we are rolling!” I’m not sure if I should flush, or when it will be OK to open the door of the bathroom. I decide to wait until I heard Nicole shout “CUT”

After they wrap the scene I have a chance to sit and chat with Nicole and Marina. I am struck by their warmth and authenticity. These two women are just radiating positive energy.  Nicole treats the actors and crew with a firm and respectful hand. I witness Marina with a zoom lens camera shooting stills, and stop to help their son locate a missing backpack.

I pull out my iPhone and start filming here and there. I get lucky and catch on video a surprising scene when Nicole is describing to a friend on the set why you can’t fake an orgasm with a woman… please check it out for yourself!

Thanks to Nicole and Marina, and we wish you all the best of luck! Please donate to this amazing film at

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