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Let Love Out!

23 May Posted by in Guest Writers | 1 comment
Let Love Out!

My brother-in-law, Chris Priolo, was a shining light in our family. He was a passionate, gifted composer and teacher, who was one of those guys who was larger than life; everyone wanted to be around him and hear what he had to say. That’s why he was such a great teacher – his classes were always full to overflowing.

And then, in 1989, he was diagnosed with AIDS.

In those early days there wasn’t a lot of information out there, and everyone was scared. He feared that if he told his faculty about his disease and his homosexuality he would be fired. And in Colorado, where he was teaching, that probably would have been the case.

Here we are more than 20 years later, and though the tone is somewhat different, discrimination is still rampant around the globe. There is still ugly prejudice over LGBT rights and gay marriage. There is continuing discrimination, both legal and social, against inter-faith marriage and inter-racial marriage. Often this explodes in brutal violence. Here in the United States, young people have committed suicide over harassment and bullying for their sexual identity. It has to stop. Everywhere. In every form.

The Let Love Out campaign is a celebration of love. Jewelry designer Carl Priolo, launched the campaign with his family in 2011, in honor of his brother, Chris. Let Love Out is for every person struggling with discrimination. It’s for anyone who feels alone because they don’t fit in. It’s for all those who are denied rights because of who they are.

The campaign emblem, an interlocking heart and infinity symbol, designed by Carl himself, can be worn by everyone as a way to show their love and support. A growing group of people are wearing the symbol, in solidarity, to take a stand against discrimination in every form, everywhere. Wear it to show your support. Gift it to the ones you love. Let’s make a change. Let Love Out.

Carl, who heads up Priolo & Co. a family owned green jewelry company and Sofia Mill Valley, a designer jewelry gallery, will donate 10% of the profits from Let Love Out, and a portion of the profits from to organizations working to end discrimination of all kinds.

Visit the Let Love Out website for a full list of the causes they support. Your purchase will make a difference. All jewelry is hand made in the Priolo & Co studio using recycled silver and gold, and antique bronze. Jewelry and products available at:

Also available at:

Sofia Mill Valley
80 Throckmorton Ave
Mill Valley, CA.

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One comment