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Chantal Carrere — Tits and a Head Paddling

Chantal Carrere — Tits and a Head Paddling

Hello bored and deviant people! The video attached is the freakshow you’ve been waiting for!!! What you are about to witness is Robin and I in search of a punch line on the Charles River in Boston, Massachusetts. Robin told me there was a mysterious Billy Goat McGruff blocking passage under the bridges we were paddling under. Ms McGruff is an old lesbian known for staying in dark, damp, cavernous areas. Legend has it that she’s actually a recluse and Jodie Foster played her in Nell. Like in that movie I had no desire to search the Charles River for an old dyke who speaks like she’s had a stroke.

Alas I agreed to venture into the wild, damp and sick-ass dark spaces some lesbians still hide in with Robin and my faithful Verizon BlackBerry (shameless plug). We ran into some tricky and interesting things like a scene out of Alfred Hitchcock in The Birds! Droves of ducks tried to play chicken with us in our Kayak. We searched and paddled ‘til I got a callous on my left hand—what’s new, we’re lesbians right?! (Tip the veal, try the waitress! I’m here all week!) After viewing the video you’ll see that I look like a half person with no legs or torso—like I was on that show I SURVIVED! Just tits and a head paddling…

WE FOUND A MYSTERY BOTTLE! Robin filmed me coming out of a sacred space. Watch the video!

In summary I’m amazing and so is epochalips. If you are a twitter bitch follow my tweets at chantalcarrere. Oh and if you want a ‘purr this kitty is bad’ shirt and or just want to see the hottest show in town go to my website at and subscribe to my mailing list. I am a funny bitch! Your welcome! If you’re still reading this you’re a freak and we need to hang out!
Check out my album Wrath on iTunes and if you really want to laugh go to my YouTube channel Until we meet again be amazing!

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