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A Kaddish for Steve Jobs

06 Oct Posted by in • Rachel Wahba | Comments Off on A Kaddish for Steve Jobs
A Kaddish for Steve Jobs

Brilliant businessman
geek of life
filled our lives and blew our minds
with miracle toys
master of Factory City
somewhere in Southern China
where young and old get disfigured hands
from repetitive motion
assembly line humans
making our lives fun
waiting for iphone 4
all the i’s
the workers dot
using up their bodies
we live this way
pod to pad we live for the next
breath of Air from Apple
as broken bodies
work to live and sleep each day with enough
belly fat….
did you know this city Apple built?  or was it all just out of control?
like the rest of us Apple eaters
are you just another pawn in the game
another puppet in play
the Mystics will say
as we pretend all this is real.
Steve, i wonder
where are you in the great Karmic Wheel
of life where
past present future
are all one and already ran
where the game has already been won and lost
and where the broken necks and disfigured fingers, hands, wrists,
of Shenzhen city
wish you a good re-entry and round trip ticket.
you did amazing things mr. jobs
what will your next trip be?

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