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A New Sneak Peek of ‘A Perfect Ending’

15 Feb Posted by in • Nicole Conn | 2 comments
A New Sneak Peek of ‘A Perfect Ending’

Gratitude. It’s such a simple thing…and yet. I’ve discovered after making several films and working with so many different kinds of people (‘cuz you all know us artist types are whack jobs – or as I prefer to call it: elegantly flawed in our humanity!) that no matter what you THINK you have control over you don’t. And now that filmmaking is literally all done by computer and I have the entire film on a drive and coordinating animators, sound mixers, composers, all via internet and learning new technology because heck – we are a society on the NANO-SECOND EXPRESS — it’s hard not to go crazy with all the bazillion techno things that make this all possible and, yet, there’s so much to it, it’s almost more than a brain can digest – I mean how many times can FB change? Timeline? What in the heck is that? Oh and now you have to be part of Google + so you can make a lot of subsets of people because this technology that we’re all now addicted to is like the morphing Cylons in Battle Star Galactica – it’s becoming smarter than us… do you ever wonder where all the stuff on servers actually is? floating out there as little non-existent data-bits? Too Existential? Yeah…thought so. When I start trying to control the internet I know it’s time to change the channel.

“A Perfect Ending” came together in a heartbeat and happened so quickly it was one of those “meant to be” projects. There is so much synchronicity in it – so many people in our crew who are somehow cross-linked by fate. Pre-production, Shooting, First Assembly…to a rough cut screening came together all in less than six months. And then Post Production (I just call it Post-HELL) is getting all the components together by the frame — that part of filmmaking takes tick-tock forever.

For those of you NOT involved in filmmaking our son, David, might sum it up for you best. Last week he trundled into my home office (editing cave) AND sidebar: (like what are the odds that every time one of our kids comes in ONLY when I happen to be re-editing one of the three awesome love scenes?!!!). He asked “are you ever going to finish that scene?” he’d seen 452 times before.
“You’d think,” I responded.
“Wow…shooting a film is nothing compared to what you have to do after. It’s like the just a small minute compared to after.” Out of the mouths of tweens.

So I felt mired and oohhh so cranky. Can’t get done as quickly as I’d like. So. So what?! – It’s still such a gift. And I mean to me. And for you the gift will be seeing two women who act their hearts out. Then I thought of my wonderful manager Melanie Rice who babysits my triple Scorpio impatience always giving me gentle guidance!! Tal, my Savant DP, Cody who’s coloring our film like Van Gogh, our animator Grant who’s a kid genius, our brilliant composers, Stephen Ridley and Bob Fowler — and wait until you hear Kathy Fowler’s voice (OMG!!!!) over the gorgeous landscape of two insanely beautiful women – Barbara Niven and Jessica Clark – who share such rawness, such truth… it is all a gift. And then Dean Andre our sound mixer and resident Renaissance man called and you can’t not smile when you talk with him. (After all, he is the original voice of Alvin, of Chipmunk fame!) And that, is how you turn FRUSTRATION around — you remember everything there IS… and you don’t let all those weird little symbols at the bottom of every article make you want to poke your eyes out, or wonder why in the heck people are compelled to tweet about what they ate for mid-afternoon snack — but thank your lucky stars that you got to be a part of “A Perfect Ending” in the first place. And thank Goddess that your kids are all in mostly good health. That your partner is the unstoppable Marina Rice Bader, and that you get to spend your days (and nites;) as she nurtures me through mired moments. Gratitude. Yeah. That’s always the answer for me.

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  • Lucy Nico says:

    Hey Nicole, I think I’ve said this to you before. I love that you’re ever Grateful for ‘Everything’ and Its true isn’t it? Gratitude is always the answer. It is for me as well. Thank you for being who you are, which in my book its Beautiful.

  • pat peerless says:

    Looking forward to being a part of this! love you Nicole!