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Angie’s Bad Ass Leg

Angie’s Bad Ass Leg

When Angelina Jolie walked out on stage at the 84th Academy Awards show and sexily whipped out her right leg from the thigh high slit on her Versace dress, the internet exploded with taunts about her exaggerated leg pose and a Twitter account popped up called: AngiesRightLeg.

As for me, I wanted to slap BBQ sauce on her leg and scarf it down.  It looked like a kick stand attached to a bike inviting me to jump on her and ride.  I wanted to walk under her tent and slide down her pole.  People, it was the Oscars, the biggest night in Hollywood—it’s show off night. I believe her dramatic leg display was apropos to the evening’s intentions. She wore a beautiful velvet dress with an elegant thigh high slit that was created for a peek-a-boo leg.  What was she supposed to show—her large intestine?  Her C-section scar?  A World War ll helmet?  If she hadn’t shown her leg, everybody would have made fun of that. Damned if you do.  Damned if you don’t.  I heard very little comments about J-Lo’s left nipple display.  See? Google that.

Let Angie expose her body parts with pride because—I hate to say this but—it’s obvious she’s disintegrating. She’s way too skinny. She needs to eat cheeseburgers and burritos. Milkshakes at ten at night are great for enlarging your girth.

Soon enough Ms. Jolie will be nothing but a walking skeleton on the arm of Brad Pitt and people will still mock her: “Oh look at her showing off her femur and tibia!”

I’m not sure why Angelina is a skin-nita but I dig that she promotes humanitarian causes outside of her Hollywood life. She’s a genuine mother, a powerful woman making movies and she’s helping people around the world. You show us your leg, Angelina, and anything else you want.

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One comment

  • Tracy says:

    A beautiful woman that AJ…Too bad she feels the need to be so thin. It looks hideous to me- & I’m a proponent of staying in shape. Funnily enough, she seems in decent shape- just doesn’t eat enough? I compare this look to when she was in Tomb Raider- much more meat on her bones & she looked healthy.