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Mary Meriam & The Lavender Review

18 Apr Posted by in • Robin Lowey | Comments Off on Mary Meriam & The Lavender Review
Mary Meriam & The Lavender Review

Lesbocentric, poetic, such venues are few.
Without such a place, what’s a reader to do?
It turns me purple whenever I’m blue.
And that’s why I love Lavender Review.

This poem and video are by Lisa Moore, custom-made for the I LOVE LAVENDER REVIEW fundraiser at Kickstarter. Lisa Moore is the author of a wonderful new book, Sister Arts: The Erotics of Lesbian Landscapes, which inspired me to obtain permission from the British Museum to include work by Mary Delany, an 18th century botanical artist, in the upcoming Issue 5 of Lavender Review, with the theme of Gardens.

Mary Meriam is a poet and the founding editor of Lavender Review, an international, biannual e-zine dedicated to poetry and art by, about, and for lesbians, including whatever might appeal to a lesbian readership. Lavender Review was born on Gay Pride Day, June 27, 2010. Lavender Review is an international, biannual e-zine dedicated to poetry and art by, about, and for lesbians, including whatever might appeal to a lesbian readership.  Contributors to the first four issues include Eileen Myles, Sarah Schulman, Eleanor Lerman, Ali Liebegott, Judy Grahn, Olga Broumas, Suzanne Gardinier, Minnie Bruce Pratt, Marilyn Hacker, Emily Roysdon, Carrie Moyer, Sarah Lucas, Stefanie Schneider, and many other wonderful lesbians, poets, and artists.

Mary grew up in rural New Jersey and studied poetry at Bennington College and Columbia University. Her poems are published in Literary Imagination, The New York Times, Poetry Foundation, American Life in Poetry, The Gay & Lesbian Review, Bridges, and many other journals. Her poems are also published in several anthologies, including Here Come the Brides! Reflections on Lesbian Love and Marriage. She’ also the author of two poetry chapbooks, The Countess of Flatbroke and The Poet’s Zodiac.
“I most enjoy reading poetry by lesbians and looking at art by lesbians. I started Lavender Review to share my passion with others, and to open people’s minds and hearts to the greatness of lesbian poetry and art, so deserving of more encouragement and recognition. Lavender Review is free and open to everyone. It is a labor of love that requires huge amounts of searching, research, and connecting. I’m interested primarily in finding the best poets and artists working today, but also throughout history. The great lesbian poets and artists I’ve found deserve much more recognition, and it is my pleasure to bring them together and promote them in Lavender Review.”

Check out the Kickstarter video. The Updates page has more videos to look at. Already posted are videos from Ali Liebegott, the U.S. Children’s Poet Laureate, Janice Gould, Louie Crew in pink feather boa, and more.

Everyone is invited to make a video of you saying I LOVE LAVENDER REVIEW, and email it to and it will be posted on the Updates page. Read More about Mary.

Please also BACK THIS PROJECT!! Click on green box at Kickstarter. The deadline is May 4!!”


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