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Sex, History & Lesbian Outlaws

23 Apr Posted by in • Robin Lowey | 1 comment
Sex, History & Lesbian Outlaws

Jeanne Cordova‘s new book, When We Were Outlaws is hard to put down. I feel like I hardly have time to read books anymore, as my IPhone seems to demand more and more of my attention. But Outlaws captivated me from start to finish. It is one of those books that made me feel a little sad as I turned the last page. I will miss the characters and living inside the compelling world Jeanne creates.

When I came out in 1979 I had no awareness of what was happening in the struggle for Gay and Lesbian rights both past and present. Jeanne played a huge role in the Los Angeles Lesbian movement of the 1970’s. Her memoir is an inspiring story about a time when Gay men and Lesbians didn’t necessarily see themselves as allies. She explains what being a radical feminist was like in the early days. How she struggled with ideals such as the commitment to non-monogamy, commonly thought of as a Patriarchal construct.  I loved this book!

Lillian Faderman writes in her forward of Outlaws: “For anyone who lived through the 1970’s, this book will be a stunning reminder of how young we once were, how earnest and revolutionary and deliciously naive. With humor and passion, Jeanne interweaves the story of her political activism and the story of her romantic adventures…When We Were Outlaws offers a huge slice of Lesbian-Feminist history as it played itself out in 1970’s Los Angeles. It’s a moving evocation of the sweet innocence and incredible enthusiasm of youth, and of a time that feels like yesterday but happened—incredibly—almost two generations ago.”

What a rare treat to be present while Margie Adam interviews her longtime friend, author Jeanne Cordova on Sunday April 29th, 4-6pm at Montclair Women’s Cultural Arts Club in Oakland, presented by Barbara Price Productions.

Also, enjoy filmed scenes from ‘Outlaws on Stage‘ – a miniplay based on the book: WHEN WE WERE OUTLAWS: A Memoir of Love & Revolution

Pioneer activist Jeanne Cordova founded The Lesbian Tide, The Gay & Lesbian Community Yellow Pages, and co-founded The Lesbian Exploratorium (LEX).  She wrote for ‘Persistent Desire; A Femme Butch Reader’, ‘Lesbian Nuns Breaking the Silence’, and the radical ‘LA Free Press’.

Women’s music legend  Margie Adam- singer, songwriter and feminist lesbian commentator – performed at all major feminist conferences and festivals throughout the ’70s – ’80s.  Her song ‘We Shall Go Forth!’ resides in the Smithsonian’s Political History Division.  Her music has also been recorded by Peter, Paul & Mary and Dusty Springfield.  

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One comment

  • Jeanne Cordova says:

    So Robin, can you come Sunday and tell me (and our audience)– what’s the differences are between polyamory and non-monogamy? Jeanne Cordova