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Miz Chris and Eden Pride!

09 May Posted by in • Epochalips Interviews | Comments Off on Miz Chris and Eden Pride!
Miz Chris and Eden Pride!

Miz Chris, the founder of EDEN,  produces events for LGBTQQIA community, locally, regionally and nationally. We sat down with Miz Chris to find out more about Eden Pride in San Francisco.

E: This is your 3rd year in San Francisco, can you tell us a little about Eden, its history and how it got started?

MC: I grew up in a very small town in Texas where being gay was probably the worst thing you could be. But being gay, Mexican and Catholic…. well I had the triple whammy. San Francisco was always the promised land for me. I didn’t really *know* anything about the city except for the basics, the Castro, Good Vibrations, the Rice-a-Roni trolley. So as you can imagine I was very excited to attend my very first San Francisco Pride in 2008. I remember landing in San Francisco and realizing that other than the Dyke March, the Pride Parade and festivities at Civic Center, I had no idea where to go.

In 2009, my job transferred me to the Bay area and I started producing events. I thought wouldn’t it be nice if there was an event that spanned the entire weekend of Pride for women and our friends/allies? An event that literally walked them through each day: what they should see, where they could stay and offer a plethora of events, with diverse music, venues and entertainment?

For some people coming from out of town it the only time they get to be openly gay and proud, so it should be the BEST damn weekend EVER. And it was with that in mind that EDEN was born. We went from 4 events over three days in 2010 to 10 events over four days in 2012. We have had not only local folks but we have met people throughout the US, Canada, Europe, Finland, Australia and so many other places!

E: Where else does Eden do events besides the SF Bay Area?

MC: EDEN Pride events, the production company that produces EDEN has produced all types of events. We produce theater events, comedy shows, fundraisers, club parties etc. We have produced events in Palm Springs, Chicago, L.A., Sacramento and we have plans to produce more throughout the U.S., Hawaii and Europe.

E: We are all excited about this years San Francisco Pride Eden event(s). What do you have in store for us? This year we have an exciting lineup. Here is a listing of each event:

MC: EDEN Pride Weekend is a 4-day event during Pride in San Francisco for women, queers, transfolks and our friends and allies. Ten events over four days with Celesbians, hot musical performances, national celebrity DJs, dancers, our host hotel and over 5,000 women come together for this amazing event. For information locations and details about each event check out

EDEN Welcome Party/Fashion Event/Afterparty
Date/Time: June 21st, 2012
Location: The Cellar, 685 Sutter St, SF

EDEN Lip Service Comedy Show W/ Sandra Valls, June 22nd, 2012, Terra, 511 Harrison St, SF

EDEN Block Party
June 22nd, 2012 @ The Sound Factory, 525 Harrison St, SF – The Garden of EDEN (btw Sound Factory & Terra) – Terra, 511 Harrison St, SF

EDEN/HRC Brunch, June 23rd, 2012 @Andalu, 3198 16th St, SF

EDEN Signature Party
June 23rd, 2012 @ Supperclub, 657 Harrison St, SF

EDEN Pride Afterparty

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