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Dr. Frankie’s Little Gay Book

Dr. Frankie’s Little Gay Book

I kept running into Frankie at countless events this summer. Whether it was Zuni Cafe during Pride, the SF LGBT Center’s 10 year Soiree, the NCLR bash or a golf tournament for the Horizon’s foundation, Frankie was omnipresent. She told me about her unique niche business providing lesbian matchmaking services. Who knows? She may already have your next hot girlfriend in her little book!

E: Love what you are doing with Little Gay Book…what is your background and how did you decide to start a matchmaking service for lesbians?

FB: I’m a clinical psychologist with over a decade of experience working with individuals and couples of all ages and from every walk of life. I love people and have always been fascinated by human nature. I was naturally drawn to matchmaking and have been doing it informally since I was a teenager. I also saw a tremendous void in our community for healthy ways for singles to meet other quality singles. I come from an entrepreneurial family and was excited to find a way to integrate my various skill sets and interests.  With Little Gay Book I discovered a way to offer a unique service that was desperately needed, working closely with women to help them find healthy and fulfilling relationships, and reach out to a larger audience to provide some educational advice.

E: What sets LGB apart from other matchmaking services?

FB: LGB is unique because we screen every client and every woman we introduce to our clients. I’m actually very selective about the clientele I choose to take on.  Because of my education and experience in the field I’ve been very successful at screening out women with personality disorders, substance abuse problems, and other baggage that could prevent them from being relationship-ready. And that’s our paying clients! We also screen every potential match for our clients in a similar fashion. I do a tremendous amount of behind-the-scenes work that clients aren’t usually aware of. I also offer relationship coaching that clients often find helpful when they encounter the occasional bump in the road. The LGB service is a complete package designed to support women at every stage in the relationship process.

E: You are married with two kids…I’ve been there, and I know it’s hard juggle a career and a family.  How do you manage all that and still find time for yourself?

FB: I’m at my personal best when I’m eating healthy, working out at least four times a week, and carving out time to spend with my family.  I’m always on the go but I am very mindful to set boundaries so my professional life doesn’t consume my waking hours. Of course sometimes that’s easier said than done J. Multitasking is key. I’m also very fortunate to have a very understanding partner who keeps me grounded. We function like a well-oiled machine, and with seven-year-old twins that is an absolute necessity.

E:  You are in the San Francisco Bay Area, LA, NY and Hawaii, any plans for expanding to other locations?

FB: Women from all over the world contact me about matchmaking and coaching services. I consider each request on a case-by-case basis. I have successfully matched clients who lived 2000 miles away from my nearest office! It’s all about the client’s goals, expectations, and their flexibility. I must say that I’d love to get down south like Atlanta, Dallas or Miami. I think there is just so much potential.

E: I see you’re at a lot of the fun events and I love that you always try to give back to the community. Where will you be next?

FB: I just hosted my first nautical speed-dating event on a women’s cruise around Manhattan. That was such a fun event and produced quite a few matches. I plan on continuing to work on expanding to other cities across the country. I recently launched a new video blog series on my website, where I respond to readers questions submitted via my blog spot on and my website. More recently I’ve considered the possibility of doing video and television but haven’t found the right fit just yet. The past two years I have really enjoyed doing some call-in-radio shows and interviews. I am contemplating hosting a regular radio show in the near future. I love being challenged; I am someone who is always in motion. One of the beauties of creating a boutique business is that I can be creative in my endeavors and the sky’s the limit. I’m continually collaborating on projects and events with other matchmakers, coaches, promoters and philanthropic organizations in our LGBT community. I’m open to whatever doors may open along the way and I’ve been so fortunate that the community has in turn embraced LGB.

E: Tell us about any future plans for LGB, or anything else you’d like to add.

FB: People often ask about the book associated with Little Gay Book but at this time there actually isn’t a book. I would love to eventually write an educationally minded dating or relationship book; drawing on some of the pitfalls and experiences I’ve had with my clients.  I’ve had so many interesting clients with unique and sometimes hilarious dating experiences.  I’d also address many of the recurring relationship questions submitted to my website.  Really the possibilities are endless.

Dr. Frankie has specialized in working with the LGBT community, and specifically with couples and individuals with relational difficulties. After nine years of clinical experience Dr. Frankie sought a less formal and more dynamic setting to apply her talents. She followed her passion of connecting people and bringing happiness to their lives by becoming a professional matchmaker. Dr. Frankie launched Little Gay Book and quickly became the premiere lesbian matchmaker and bisexual matchmaker in the San Francisco Bay Area, Los Angeles, New York and Hawaii. Check out her website at

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