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Got Boos?!

30 Oct Posted by in Guest Writers | 1 comment
Got Boos?!

Halloween has been and always will be my favorite holiday.  Am I alone in this?  Sure hope not.

As a lesbian I note how many people love to somehow turn Halloween into some weird thing about how and why LGBT individuals enjoy it so. How about it’s just fun as hell?!

Wait, could it be…why yes, as LGBT individuals we so often have lived our daily life with a mask on.  We learned to not be honest to others…or even to ourselves about who we are…keeping the mask on all the time. For many of us (often before coming out) Halloween was the time and place to mess about with identities that may be closer to who we are without the fear of being labeled.  It almost seems that by wearing a Halloween mask we are actually removing our personal mask if only for a night.

Ah yes, Halloween, memories of all types of costumes growing up including the ones that were not exactly gender specific which I got away with. How did they not have a clue?! I was a pumpkin, witch, ghost, vampire, hippie, football player, farmer, etc. My childhood favorite was the vampire which my grandmother made for me including a black wig, suit and cape…again, I ask – no questions whatsoever?  Hmm.  I was a fabulous vampire all in black.  Could that be why I am a night owl and/or bat to this day?

As a young adult in my early 20’s I pushed the boundaries with things like a Sheriff, a wounded GI, and even an old fashioned executioner complete with hood and labyrinth.  I have to admit that it was much fun pushing the buttons of the heterosexist folks around me.

As a child though there was the simple joy of trick or treating with a large group of friends.  Our parental chaperones let us run amok.  Houses decorated within an inch of their holiday lives to become the most amazing haunted houses complete with graveyards, ghosts, skeletons and very scary sound effects.  That was the BEST!!!!  Nothing like a little fear to get the adrenalin pumping.  We DID NOT need go go juice (sorry, Honey Boo Boo) to get us going…just a really scary haunted house!!!

Our burning questions of the night were about which house to go to next and who has the best candy.  If only life could be that simple now.

Once our trick or treating cardio marathon was over we ran to the home of whoever was hosting the post party that year as everyone took a turn.  The excitement and need for instant gratification was prolonged a little longer…damn, I mean, darn!!!!  First order of the night – adults inspecting candy time for razors that never materialized.  Urban legend?  Never knew anyone this happened to.

“Let the candy trading begin…”  We instantly became expert negotiators in order to create the perfect trick or treat bag filled with personal favorites.  Although we put up with adults stealing from our bags during negotiations, the “C Trade” was serious business.

It really wasn’t just about candy, but our friendships, getting creative in our costumes, and just using our imaginations to take it all in and have the best time.  It was all very dark in the night, but we never felt safer.  There were ghouls, goblins, witches, vampires and skeletons, but we never felt more alive.

As an adult I have often tried to create those experiences for others and love scaring the hell out of trick or treaters.  Have you ever opened the door very very very slowly while staying hidden then jumped into view yelling, “Boo?”  It’s priceless!!!  I highly recommend it!!!!  Did I mention no need for go go juice?!

Although I haven’t worn a costume in many years nor have I handed out treats, Halloween is my favorite holiday, in fact, the only holiday I actually celebrate.  Of course, I LOVE the color black and wear it every single day so Halloween is with me all year long.  On October 31rst I hope you will join me in that!!!!

I’ve got my BOOS!!!!  Do you have yours?!  Happy Halloween!

Carrie Avritt, an emerging comedian from San Francisco, is funny. Although she has wanted to perform standup her whole life, Carrie did not start until 2011 after writing material for some time.  In the last year Carrie has performed open mic nights, showcases, performed with bands, private events, Pride events, and been a special guest comedian for Chris Franjola, DL Hughley as well as Loni Love, all nationally known comedians. Carrie brings with her a unique brand of edgy observational humor.

Crrie will be performing November  25 in SF at Feminista Comedy Night. Check out her performance dates on her facebook page and twitter account. and @carrie4comedy on twitter.

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One comment

  • Connie Salamone e says:

    Great article, Carrie! Our lives may be different, but our memories are the same. Everything you mentioned happened to me too, except that in Iowa one actually has to perform a “trick” to get a treat. You could have started your standup earlier had you been raised in Iowa! Thanks for sharing.