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Lisa Cordileone and ‘Easy Abby’ the Web Series

06 Oct Posted by in • Guest Writers | Comments Off on Lisa Cordileone and ‘Easy Abby’ the Web Series
Lisa Cordileone and ‘Easy Abby’ the Web Series

After considering moving to New York and maybe a fleeting thought to LA after college, I moved instead to Chicago and had every intention of working in the theatre scene. I spent my first 3 years here auditioning for every theatre or show I wanted to be a part of and training with Second City. After working in several theatres and doing improv, I started booking work doing voice over for commercials and more recently for audiobooks.  I felt like I wasn’t really hitting my stride auditioning in the theatre scene, and although I love it and love Chicago theatre, I decided to start focusing on the ‘underground’ film scene that is starting to pop up in town. I’m still learning and there is a lot going on here.

I met Wendy Jo Carlton last year at an event for her film Jamie and Jessie are Not Together, thru a friend, and we started hanging out.  I knew who Wendy Jo was and had seen her film Hannah Free a couple years before…I remember thinking who is making films like this here in Chicago?

Cut to a few years later and we are creating the story for Easy Abby.  Over the past months I have just been listening and learning from her and from this experience.  I’m working more than ever and harder than ever, which I love! I’m starting to think that maybe my purpose is to be a part of the community of actors in Chicago that produce independent film projects and while putting a spotlight on this amazing city we live in.


Everyday she’s learning how to make love more difficult.

The director of Hannah Free and Jamie & Jessie are Not Together (Wendy Jo Carlton) and Chicago actor Lisa Cordileone are creating a smart sexy lesbian web series in Chicago called “Easy Abby”. It’s like a lesbian Nurse Jackie but funnier!

We just launched a fundraising campaign so we can finish the editing and soundtrack design for this 14-Episode Season One! “Easy Abby” will be streamed around the world and will provide a funny provocative queer feminist voice that we sure do need more of!

Abby has an anxiety disorder that is only soothed by seducing women. She has never been in love and doesn’t want to be! It’s like David Lynch meets Jane Lynch!

WATCH the VIDEO TRAILER here to see clips from the first few “Easy Abby” episodes and grab FREE Tshirts, Coffee Mugs and Postcards!

Easy Abby is a sponsored project of Fractured Atlas, a non-profit arts service organization. Contributions for the purposes of Easy Abby must be made payable to Fractured Atlas, and are Tax Deductible.

Please help us reach our goal so we can complete this fabulous LGBT Web Series!

Lisa Cordileone has been acting in Chicago for 5 years and is focused on creating quality content as an actor and producer. She earned her Acting degree from East Carolina University before moving and training at THE SECOND CITY Improv Conservatories. Lisa has worked with distinguished Chicago Theater companies and voiceover work includes both the Commercial and AudioBook industries. Learn more about Lisa at


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