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I Miss My Chance

28 Nov Posted by in • Monica Palacios | Comments Off on I Miss My Chance
I Miss My Chance

I miss my dog Chance—big time. She was my love. She came to me through my sister Marty whose dog had puppies. My partner at the time, and I, wanted a girl so we had no choice but to take the runt of the litter. My sister thought Chance was born dead, so she tenderly wrapped her “lifeless” body in a cloth and put her across the way in a little basket as the mother continued to give birth to the rest. She walked out of the room for a bit and when she returned, the mother had brought the little rag doll puppy back to her birthing area and revived her back to life, giving her a second “Chance”. When my sister shared this story, my girlfriend and I wept on the phone—god, we’re such lesbians! The day we picked her up from my sister’s place, I fell in love with her on the spot—Chance was trying to put her tiny puppy mouth on a huge basketball, adorable.

Since my sister was her grandmother, Chance was closer to me–actually she became my shadow. She had me wrapped around her paw. I couldn’t help it–she had the sweetest energy. But she would do crazy ass things that pissed me off! Like the time, she shredded the inside of my car AND the time, she ripped up the carpet in my apartment, near the front door. It looked like she used a weed whacker. I walked in and found her hiding in the shower because she knew she was going to be in trouble.

During her 9th year, she got bladder cancer–man, that was messed up. On September 1, 2004, we had to put her down. I cried for days. For 2 months now, I’ve been feeling Chance’s spirit and tender heart. Makes me think: Is it time to get another pup? Nah, that girl dog is irreplaceable. I love you, Chance.

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