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New Lesbian Web Series: K & A

18 Jul Posted by in • Guest Writers | Comments Off on New Lesbian Web Series: K & A
New Lesbian Web Series: K & A

One of my favorite shows is Sex In The City because to me it is honest and truthful about women today and their friendships.  Their story lines were funny and outrageous, but at the same time relate-able. My best friend from college lives around the corner from me. I’m gay and she is straight.  I think we have a unique relationship and I would definitely say that a lot of the ideas for the series come from our relationship (More then I would like to admit). I think it’s a character dynamic that hasn’t really been explored that much. When I hear or see something I think would be great for the show, I write it in my phone. If someone ever read the list, they would probably think I’m crazy!  This series never focuses on the fact that the character of Alex is gay, but to me the more normal being gay is portrayed, the more of an impact this series can have. K&A is crazy, crude, and pushes the envelope.

I’ve lived in the city of Boston on and off for about seven years now. It’s the place I consider home. We really want to show people what the independent film scene in Boston can bring to the table. The city is full of people who have huge amount of pride for Boston. It’s a different and special city, and every time I’ve filmed something here, the city has been nothing but welcoming. With everything that has happened here in the last few months, it can’t hurt to try to put a smile on people’s faces.

I think the main challenge with any creative project is financial backing. You could have a brilliant idea, but without money, it will always just stay a brilliant idea. That is why we are doing a Kickstarter Campaign. The biggest challenge is convincing total strangers to donate. You just hope that there is something that they can relate to or makes them want to take time out of the day to press that donate button. I hope people find the show as funny as I think it is. So take a look at our Kickstarter Campaign and see reason number 5,000 why I shouldn’t be in front of the camera!K & A is a new comedic web series where one of the lead characters is a lesbian.

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