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Nicole Conn, Lilith’s Merkin & the Next Big Thing

24 Jul Posted by in • Robin Lowey | Comments Off on Nicole Conn, Lilith’s Merkin & the Next Big Thing
Nicole Conn, Lilith’s Merkin & the Next Big Thing

To meet Nicole Conn is to love her. She has been always been big fan of Epochalips, and in 2011, when she invited me down to her movie set in LA while she was filming A Perfect Ending, I jumped at the opportunity. I was welcomed with a warm hug, (managed to catch some amazing behind the scenes footage on video) and witnessed first-hand her brilliance as a director.  A Perfect Ending is now the best selling lesbian movie of all time.

Her new film project, She Walks in Beauty is the story of two women on two continents across two eras—two stories of love, lust and betrayal.

Semi-autobiographical, it tells the story of a hedonistic success followed by a life changing failure in the fast lane of Hollywood with lead character Spencer losing her way in the world of addiction and obsession-based entertainment where sexual abandon and excess take her to some very dark places. Absolution and redemption come from the penning of a story, an echo of her own life amongst the louche taboo-breaking literary set in 1920’s Paris.

Speaking of Paris… Paris was the name of the sexy bombshell character in “A Perfect Ending” played by the now highly sought-after Jessica Clark (Lilith in HBO’s True Blood). Jessica is incredibly personable and lovely in person. I hung out with her at the Epochalips parties at last year’s Frameline Festival, but I failed to ask her the details about Lilith’s famous MERKIN and have regretted it ever since!

Here is the SHOCKER: Jessica won the role of Paris after connecting with Nicole on Facebook!  Nicole wants to repeat the process of giving new actresses a shot at success in her new movie. The quest to find a new lead for She Walks in Beauty begins online with anyone, even with no previous experience, but who believes they have what it takes to light up a screen. All you need to do is go to to sign up and add your details.

Help fundraise for this new movie by women for women by coming to an event in the UK or US!

This will be Nicole’s first film to be shot both in the US and in Europe. The fundraising effort will cross the Atlantic with a first major event in the UK being closely followed by events in the US. ‘Iconn’ is an astoundingly brilliant new event developed by Executive Producer Elaine Sturgess. Each iConn will feature two days of movie screenings with Nicole and her leading actresses, including Barbara Niven, Cathy DeBuono and Mary Wells – with more exciting announcements about special guests coming soon. There is an exclusive opportunity to get a behind the scenes view of the film development by attending ‘Casting Sessions’. You will also have a chance to meet and greet the cast and crew in the UK’s Gay capital, Brighton.

Find out more at

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