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Fun New Lesbian Web Series “Roomies”

18 Sep Posted by in • Guest Writers | Comments Off on Fun New Lesbian Web Series “Roomies”
Fun New Lesbian Web Series “Roomies”

From Director/Producer Christin Mell:

The web series Roomies came together quickly- more quickly than any other project I’ve done for tello thus far. I was working with Brandy Howard on Cowgirl Up Season 2 and we started talking about doing a project. I told her she and Julie Goldman should pitch something to me and that’s where “Gay Street Therapy” came from. When Jessica King was editing the first series of GST she called me and loved Julie and Brandy’s chemistry so much and wanted to work on a scripted project with them.

The next day Jessica pitched the idea of a modern day lesbian Bosom Buddies where they have to pretend to be a couple to live in a building. I thought this was an amazing idea- I called Julie and Brandy January of 2012 and pitched them the idea and they were in. Then I made a scary decision- let’s shoot this in late March 2013. For those of you who have done production you know that is a crazy time frame to go from concept to production in 2 1/2 months is FAST- like super fast.

Jessica and Julie said yes and Julie and Brandy said yes so we were in- come hell or high water we had to have a script in 2 months (enough time to cast and crew up). Success! by the beginning of March we had a script. It was time to cast and then something unexpected happened- another project. The Neighbors was created. The Neighbors is a supplemental mini-webseries to Roomies. It’s 3 episodes and follows Tami and Tammy neighbors of Sam and Alex (Julie and Brandy). Here is the crazy way that happened.

We were casting for Roomies  and we had 2 actresses come in and read for us and we just loved them. We really really wanted them in our project but didn’t have a role that was right. During our discussion I looked a Jessica and Julie (creatives in tello writers of Roomies) and said “let’s write roles for them” then I went further and suggested that when we shoot Roomies let’s shoot a smaller project that is a spin off with just them and make it free (Roomies and other tello projects sit behind a pay wall on

The three of us went at it – right there Julie wrote Tami and Tammy into the script Roomies and then we started pitching ideas for the mini-webseries – the next weekend it was written. There are a few times when projects just work- they come together and it feels right- Roomies and The Neighbors are perfect examples of that. Now if my Civil War script would be this simple….

Christin Mell is the President and co-founder of a website dedicated to creating, brave, original lesbian web series.  She is passionate about telling stories focused on the lesbian experience.

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