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Love and Goodbyes

02 Oct Posted by in Robin Lowey | 3 comments
Love and Goodbyes

I’m headed off on a big trip! Going on an Ecoquest Safari in Africa with Jody Cole.

I’m on the bus watching people hugging and kissing at the airport drop off zone. I see an older couple give a perfunctory peck on the lips and  I think about the last time they might have shared a long, deep, sexy kiss. Did they ever?

I see a mother give a lingering hug to her grown son, who is dressed in camo chinos, sandals, a v-neck white t-shirt, his shortish brown hair is bed-head chic. I wonder, is he gay?
The mom has a look of such love, pressed close with a wide genuine smile behind his back, while he holds on tight… I choke up and think about how much I love my own sons, who are now young men. How did that happen? Where did that time go?

I see many people hugging with what appears to be strong emotion, while others pat each other’s backs and quickly move away. It’s something. All this display of love and goodbyes. It’s awesome and powerful and real. I, of course, am going it alone, taking a moment to stand in the bright sunlight after becoming nauseous while phone-fiddling on the hour-long, air conditioned airporter ride through the City. My goodbyes happened earlier, and I am keenly aware of my extreme gratitude at loving and feeling loved. I cherish this last moment—savoring the fresh air, before I go inside the terminal. Excitement of what lies ahead urges me onward.

Learn more about  Jody Cole, Owner, Licensed Field Guide and Wild Rainbow Safaris at

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  • Wallis Stern says:

    Have a wonderful trip, Robin, and come home safely with lots of wonderful memories! I can’t thank you enough for squeezing in the prologue to THE LOVE CHILDE WALLIS STERN, “The Yom Kippur Passion,” while you’ve been on so extremely tight a schedule!
    The gratitude you express about “loving and feeling loved” is truly contagious!

  • Nodi Murphy says:

    Hello Surfer Dudette!
    Waiting to hear your report on us Cape Town lesbians…

  • Silvia Castellanos says:

    …safe travels Robin, and give us vicarious thrills please!