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Danielle Earle’s ‘Lovers Game’

19 Nov Posted by in Guest Writers | Comments Off on Danielle Earle’s ‘Lovers Game’
Danielle Earle’s ‘Lovers Game’

Lover’s Game was a development that I started during the time of my Grandmother’s passing in December of 2012. It was an incredibly emotional time for me, especially because I was also dealing with an internal battle with my own sexuality. It was after the second season had ended of Brooklyn Is In Love, At age 29, I felt that it was about time I write something that was very relateable and somewhat of an intimate portrait of my own life—but the fiction version of course. I realized that this was an important message for all women, especially the lesbian community, and I wanted to create a heartwarming story about love, heartache, and the challenges that we face in relationships.

Lover’s Game, tells the story of two women—Annabella, a wealthy, art gallery owner, married to a District Attorney, Vincent—and Gillian; a struggling painter that returns to New York after her girlfriend’s death. Vincent and Annabella are trying to have a baby, but find out from the doctors that having children isn’t an option, which as result creates conflict in their marriage. Annabella finds herself feeling helpless and alone, in every possible way, without the comfort and support from her husband. Vincent shares similar feelings, of questioning himself, and being overworked at his new job. Vincent at times is unable to focus on the issues with his marriage, unfortunately his wife isn’t an priority. One day Annabella meets a mysterious, exotic lesbian painter, whom she finds a deep connection with. Eventually the relationship turns into a heated affair.

I think the story has a lot of heart, and it came during such an amazing time of  accomplishments in America—Gay Marriage, the Human Rights Campaign, etc. The world is changing into a beautiful direction of acceptance. I’m really excited to see more upcoming lesbian films being produced. More and more are being developed every day, and that excites me, because it means that women are finally getting recognized in the film industry.

In 2010, Danielle Earle produced her first documentary series On The Scene, in which she traveled across the US interviewing aspiring unsigned artists desperately awaiting their big break in the music industry. The success of the show continues for two years and has reached over 100,000 views. Danielle has worked in four aspects in production; director, producer, writer, and editor.

In 2011, Danielle Earle produced the 2 Time LA Award Winning Web Series. Since the series premiered in 2011, Brooklyn Is In Love has been featured in News 12 New Jersey, Curve Magazine, Time Out and The Village Voice. In 2012, Danielle was signed to the Writers Guild of America East and is now an active member.

She’s currently producing her next LGBT Feature film Curious Wonder’s, that tells the story of Denise, an abused women on the run after shooting her ex-husband, and a teenage hitchhiker struggling with sexuality and being gay in early 1970’s.

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