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Fabulosa, the Fab West Coast Women’s Festival!

15 Nov Posted by in Robin Lowey | 1 comment
Fabulosa, the Fab West Coast Women’s Festival!

The first Fabulosa I attended in 2012 was a chance for me to face my fears. I had heard great things about it, and wanted to go, but none of my friends were up for it. I hemmed and hawed, and even pulled my car over halfway there—almost turning back. IMG_9138But I soldiered on, not sure if I would know a soul and against all reason. At that point I was not very practiced at doing things on my own after having spent the better part of my life in a long term relationship. From the moment I pulled onto beautiful Walker Ranch in the back country of Marin near the Petaluma County line I knew I had made the right decision. I hopped on my mountain bike and rode out to the little lake where I found a bunch of cute girls swimming and frolicking, and rocking out to blasting 80’s music. I still felt a little uncomfortable, so I laid in the warm sun listening to the party all around me. Suddenly, I got over myself. I jumped in the lake and joined in a game of water football with a group of hot girls in bikinis. Later, back at the main camp, it wasn’t long before I ran into dear old friends, met new ones (including the crazy ass ‘Kamp Trouble’ brigade). I watched a mud wrestling match, ate a fabulous meal, met sexy girls, danced into the night, and came home with a huge smile on my face. These women know how to throw a festival! I vowed to never miss another Fabulosa. I hope to see you at Fabulosa ’14!

Stacy Poulos of Girlpages says “Wow, what can I say about Fabulosa? It’s a lake, it’s a mysterious forest, it’s music, it’s trinkets and things, and it’s a bounty of endless friendships. I’ve met new friends every year, from my first time in 2010. These are women that I know will be friends for life. Ironically “Kamp Trouble” found me when I was kinda stuck, it was like that scene from ‘Close Encounters of the Third Kind’ where people were using flash lights to check out a space ship, my space ship being a 1953 Airstream that had driven down the wrong road. They were checking it out when I walked up. Later, I found out that this group of girls and I were like peas in a pod separated at birth. No matter where you end up at Fabulosa, you’ll meet friendly people. Before, during, and after the event, it’s all about a community of women, having a blast. I got to enjoy female musicians and bands that I didnt even know existed and party with them and their loyal fans! I feel honored to have personally met and hung out with these talented musicians. You just enjoy watching them do their thing, and you know they are the next Melissa Etheridge! And then the next morning you’re at the same breakfast table having eggs and toast with them and laughing over orange juice.”

The Fabulosa Collective creates fund-raising parties where diverse groups of women and friends come together to celebrate Women-centered arts and raise money for LGBTQ-oriented causes. Fabulosa is an inclusive feminist fundraising gathering for women, their families and friends of all genders. Initially the idea of Dawn Huston, who is the owner of the most diverse “dive bar” on the planet, performance space and watering hole, EL RIO in San Francisco. She formed the FABULOSA Collective with original members Judea Eden and Jenny Hoyston. Eden is a nutrition specialist and a San Francisco blues-folk singer. Hoyston is a West Coast promoter, DJ and the bandleader of the women’s experimental ensemble Erase Errata. The Fabulosa Collective continues to grow and seek out new members who love to make beautiful things happen.



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