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New Lesbian Film ‘All About Sarah Miles’

21 Nov Posted by in • Guest Writers | Comments Off on New Lesbian Film ‘All About Sarah Miles’
New Lesbian Film ‘All About Sarah Miles’

I began writing lesbian novels and short stories when I realised that there really wasn’t enough content in this genre. Striving to fill the void, my wife suggested that I use my imagination skills and put them down on paper. Five years later I have published twenty books and written a screenplay. I enjoy writing stories in the Victorian era as well as modern day dramas that include FBI, murder, love and even Vampires. I grew up in UK and met my Canadian wife Janice through work. We made a huge decision to move to her homeland, Canada where we have set up a lovely home. We even flew our cat, Munchie, out with us.

The story, All About Sarah Niles is an adaptation of the first book that I wrote, Loving the Pink Kiss. It is mostly based on my own eventful life, apart from the immigration scam. I love a good lesbian romance and blending it with comedy has given this story the need to be made into a movie.

All About Sarah Niles is a romantic comedy drama that fits in with the feel good factor. The story itself is based on an illegal marriage scam where Sarah has drunkenly accepted a bribe to marry a stranger for money. The stranger, Robbie, needs to stay in the country but her visa has almost run out. Debbie, a work colleague of Sarah’s best friend, Jessica, has set the whole scam up. Sarah does not meet Robbie until moments before they are about to be wed. Sarah has been led to believe that Robbie is a male but her assumption is brought to reality when she realises that her spouse to be, is a female. The satire begins when Sarah has to face a new dilemma, Robbie is to move in with her. As time goes by, Sarah is drawn to Robbie’s warmth and without realising it, she begins to fall in love with her. A romance soon blossoms and the actual emotion of love takes Sarah quite by surprise. This is a comedy with plenty of drama as Jen, Robbie’s stalker ex-girlfriend, lurks in the background. The cattiness soon raises doubt and suspicions between Robbie and Sarah causing Robbie to walk out on the marriage. Sarah is devastated.

Jen preys on Sarah’s distraught emotions and seduces her at every opportune moment. When Sarah finally comes to her senses and ends it with Jen, her tormentor soon moves on to her best friend Jessica, interfering in her relationship with Jake, her fiancé. Sarah finds comfort with a new love interest, Charlie but she’s not Robbie and neither Sarah nor Charlie can fully commit themselves to each other. A brief encounter with Robbie leaves Sarah at an advantage when Robbie informs her that she has to return home due to unfortunate circumstances. She asks Sarah for a favour, to look after her best friend Kate who has recently recovered from brain surgery. Sarah happily accepts and builds a new friendship, bridging the gap between her and Robbie. With Robbie’s return, Sarah is relieved to find that the anger between them has melted and once again their relationship focuses on their future. This movie starts with a wedding farce, embarks on an emotional comedic journey, then ends with a wedding created through true love.

All About Sarah Niles is set to be the first fully crowd-funded lesbian feature film, created and funded by the people who know and love the genre best. Check out the All About Sarah Niles indiegogo campaign here.

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