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#Hashtag: A Lesbian Cyber Love Story

31 Mar Posted by in • Guest Writers | Comments Off on #Hashtag: A Lesbian Cyber Love Story
#Hashtag: A Lesbian Cyber Love Story

Marie Alton, star of #Hashtag a new series by tello Films, showing at OML’s Film Festival at the Dinah this Friday, tells Epochalips the inside scoop!

#Hashtag is exciting for me because it deals with relevant issues in a way I haven’t seen yet. It’s the search for love and connection in the world of social media-which is definitely an experience that’s unique to our generation. How to use the ‘cyber realities’ as a tool to find love in the ‘real world’-to varying degrees of success/failure & hilarity.

I met Christin and the Tello teams years ago while doing publicity for Exes & Ohs and we really got along. When she began creating original content for the site a  few years ago she asked if I’d be interested. I said of course! I’m at a point in my journey as an actor where I’m most interested in working with interesting and inspiring people. “How you spend your days is how you spend your life” so I choose to spend them working with great people on projects that have something to say and contribute. Hashtag definitely fits the bill.

I flew out to Chicago from LA In October and that was definitely a climate shock for my newly ‘California-ized’ system so I ended up buying a lot of vintage coats while I was there. I also barely made it home because my departure day coincided with a storm/tornado that grounded pretty much every plane that day except mine. Tello shoots are never boring!

Tash is a fantastic character. She’s the ‘fun/sexy’ girl for sure but Laura & Caitlin layered in more depth than just that which is what drew me to the role.

Dinah’s alway crazy/fun and I’m excited to see how the film festival with fit in with all the other glorious debauchery (as well as the other independent projects they’ll present 😉

#Hashtag: Friend Me. Follow Me. Like Me. Fall for Me. #Hashtag, out March 16, follows the love lives of two technology-obsessed friends in Chicago. From Instagram seduction to inappropriate selfies, Twitter over sharing to OKCupid dating, Liv and Skylar are about to learn the real-life consequences of over-indulgence in the virtual world.  The show stars Marnie Alton (Exs & Ohs, Cowgirl Up), stand up comedian Caitlin Bergh and actress/writer Laura Zak.

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