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Nicole Conn on Jen Foster & SHE4ME

17 Mar Posted by in • Nicole Conn | 1 comment
Nicole Conn on Jen Foster &  SHE4ME
When Sue Melke of Melke PR approached me for the SHE video it was simply a project about making a music video out of the remix of Jen Foster’s hugely popular love ballad, SHE.
SHE has gone on to be featured moment in many civil unions and now marriage celebrations.
As we began working on it, the vision about what it could actually be started snowballing.  We didn’t have a lot of money and Jen was basically financing hard costs  — everyone else worked pro-bono and the beautiful thing was they also left their egos at the door.
So what started as a small budget, have some fun, get this dance-remix completed, ended up being a full on corporate and Marriage Equality USA backed official PSA.  From that point forward Sue Melke made calls.  It didn’t matter what sprang out of our heads.  No matter what insanely too expensive thing we might be needing she’d be able to find us a way to get prob-bono.  It was amazing.  The woman’s like a magnet to those who might want to say “No” – but Sue’s already not only figured out how they are going to say yes, but further how many favors she’s going to be able to get from them to make the project yet larger.
So at the end of the day it became quite a production.  But it’s what this message needed.  To show the world we are the gorgeous and feisty, Nicole Pacent and the elegantly brave Gabrielle Christian.  We are the beautiful and stately Barbara Niven, (A Perfect Ending) as wedding officiator.  We are all the Celesbians that showed up to give us yet more inspired support.  Traci Dinwiddie (Elena Undone) looking like a million bucks, the incomparable witty Mary Jane Wells (Elena Undone/A Perfect Ending).  Cathy DeBuono (A Perfect Ending), Jessica Graham, Guinivere Turner, Haviland Stillwell and a drove of other actresses and actors (Steve Tyler, John McClaughlin) came to our aid and “played” with us.
Andaz West Hollywood had provided the breathtaking 270 degree view from its Ball Room which overlooks the heart of LA; the Sunset Strip in all its glory.   All this provided a rare glimpse of who many of us are:  Traditional, Sentimental, Romantic.  All the things every woman dreams of for her wedding — those are things we dream of as well.   We wanted to show these story placed in a landscape that was not only familiar, but accessible for all.  We are not just preaching to the choir.  We want mainstream America to see that no matter who is sharing it, love between two people is extraordinary.  And it is everyone’s sacred right to celebrate such love in the ritual we call marriage.
Please help us all continue to share this beautiful gift from Jen Foster, SHE4ME to all the many people who need to see and hear its message.

Nicole Conn is a Writer/Director/Mother who resides with her (wonderful if precocious) children in Los Angeles.  Her penchant for adult and dramatic story telling is evident in latest feature film, Elena Undone touted as “sexy and smart and smoldering.”  This classic romance with a twist, also hosts the Longest Kiss in Cinema History, a claim veteran lesbian writer Nicole Conn’s (Claire of the Moon, little man) is thrilled to be held by two women.  “A Perfect Ending,” her newest feature which she wrote and directed, is based on a story idea from her life.

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One comment

  • epochalipsnow says:

    From Terri Hoover: All I can say is amazing work Nicole Conn, Jen Foster, and all the others involved in this project. I served in the US Navy at a time when “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” was the norm. I was never able to give the one I loved at the time the happily ever after she deserved. But this project has reminded me of just one of the things I served and fought for…freedom to all. This video made me cry and smile, it made me believe in the fairy tale again. It made me want to not only “Ask, but Tell” everyone who sees it to pass it on.

    When someone holds your heart in their hands, it’s not a time to question if it’s right or wrong or whether people will accept it. It’s a time to take their hand and hold between you what some people spend a lifetime looking for and not finding. There is something about a moment that seduces you and you realize you have taken the first breathe of the rest of your life. When you realize your strength is revealed and your possibilities are limitless. When you realize your search is over because you see what lies ahead because they are walking beside you.

    No law should take that emotion from anyone, that moment when they can become so much more than what they ever imagined. True love sees no boundaries, no color, no ethnicity, no limits, no religion. Love…Only…Vows…Equality