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Eat, Pray, Love – Lesbian!

Eat, Pray, Love – Lesbian!

Being lesbian is a religion. It’s feast, fast or famine. It’s on our knees begging at the altar between her knees. It’s our tribe, our gaggle of gay girls and our fighting to be included in some social club, meetup, Facebook Group, marriage rights, equal rights and more or hiding in social awkwardness afraid of that demon called rejection.

We portion out our psychic energy and our daily allotted 24 hours in this religion of being lesbian and we eat, we pray and we love.

Eat lesbian, eat! Here you are having found this website. One of the many that serve up lesbian fare, tailored to the generations of women 40 and over. You eat it up, feel the connection to our global tribe and when you’re full you push away from this gorgeous table of wise women fare to go live. I hope that’s what you’re doing, living and learning; growing and becoming more of your fabulous and amazing self. The wisdom you eat from the lives of others experiences is the fuel that helps you find direction, meaning, gumption and guts to keep going. Don’t stop eating lesbian wisdom.

Pray lesbian, pray! On our knees, we pray for a great relationship, we pray for equal rights, we pray for those women we want and don’t have. We pray about the one we do have wishing she might be this or that. We pray and rejoice when that ecstatic feeling of love shows up pulling back the covers on our dreams. We pray in our loneliness to find someone. We pray in our pain to let go of the one who isn’t ours anymore. We pray to move on. We pray to find sense in the world. And even here on this website again, we find prayer. The prayer of laughter, the prayer of thoughtfulness, the prayer of found love, the prayer of experience making, the prayer of failed love, the prayer of faith in the goodness of life. Don’t stop the praying.

_MG_9202Love lesbian, love! The more time I spend traveling the country and meeting lesbians from all over the world, the more it is confirmed to me that lesbian culture is messy, full of drama, alive with misunderstandings, misplaced egos, failed dreams, good and bad relationships and the more I LOVE it. We are as human and common in our foibles as any straight folks can be and we are as uniquely special in our love as every individual human being is. Lesbian love is messy but more important is that our love is powerful. It’s life changing and we need more of it. The world needs more of our lesbian love. Don’t stop seeking to create and be more lesbian love.

Eat pray love lesbian might be another way to say be proud. Have no shame. Embrace it, be it and share it ~ the religion of being lesbian.

Mary Gorham Malia is the founder of Gay Girl Dating Coach, The Gay Girl Love Tour and The Live Your Best Lesbian Life Global Telesummit. She’s traveling the USA bringing dating workshops to lesbians wherever she can find a gaggle. To learn more go to

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