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Lesbian Escort Services?

18 Aug Posted by in • Guest Writers | 1 comment
Lesbian Escort Services?

So, I have this ‘honey do’ list. Don’t you? Even when I don’t have a honey I have a honey do list—maybe I should rename it. Anyway, I was looking for someone to help me with the things I’m bad at or just plain hate to do. I consulted Craigslist and the Lesbian pages to see if I could find a sister to help me. I stumbled onto a clever internet advertisement (changed to protect the innocent) for Denver Dykes—no job too small or too large—all the things I was looking for and pictures of some women with great muscle definition in baseball caps and T-shirts.  Yup, those look like lesbians.  So I gave them a call.  I left a detailed message about the part of town I was in and the sorts of things I needed help with. I never got a call back. I figured they were busy. And, if you’ve ever hired a handy man or woman you know that busy is usually a good sign so I kept calling.

FINALLY, I caught someone on the phone.  She seemed hesitant and then asked a few cautious questions and offered to come by and give me a quote.   She proceeded to explain that I was calling a Lesbian sex service. They had been struggling with the marketing—wanting to be a bit more overt about what they really did for a living but a little concerned about the legal angle. It started off innocent enough—they really had been handling odd jobs but they kept getting better offers—with better pay.

I laughed out loud—and we had coffee together. I did get a few things off the Honey do list in exchange for copy writing, marketing advice, and some coaching. AND now I’m curious —how many lesbians have experience with Lesbian “escort” or “party companion” services and how did you find them?

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One comment