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The Lesbian ‘Gay Girl’ Love Tour

01 Oct Posted by in • Guest Writers | Comments Off on The Lesbian ‘Gay Girl’ Love Tour
The Lesbian ‘Gay Girl’ Love Tour

I don’t know a single lesbian who hasn’t described someone they dated as crazy. Perhaps she was or perhaps she wasn’t but something about dating in the lesbian community always brings up that term.

As someone who is committed to helping women take the crazy out of dating, I always ask lesbians to take a good look in the mirror and see what part of creating crazy belongs to them personally.

Yea, I mean what did you ignore? What part of her behavior did you think wasn’t important in the beginning but as time moved along you couldn’t ignore it any longer? What did you compromise and not take ownership for in your dating life?

untitledWhat I know from my own personal experience and from talking to hundreds of women over the last couple of years is that crazy is a two way street and you’ve all got your lesbian love drivers license but perhaps its time for a few driving lessons.

The Gay Girl Love Tour started in response to the conversations I have over and over with women about what’s frustrating about dating, how online dating is awful, how women won’t ask other women out and a long list of complaints that I hear from women from the east to west coasts.

The Gay Girl Love Tour focuses on helping women develop what I call power dating tools that include how to stop taking early stage dating so personally! How to know if you should approach a woman to ask her out! How to take the pain out of online dating and more…

So far, after 20 workshops in almost as many states, it’s clear women not only like what they are learning, they walk away feeling empowered with the know how to approach dating differently.

Different actions create different results. And most women are dating to find a long lasting love! With a new approach to dating you don’t have to let discouragement get the best of you.

Here’s what some woman in Sonoma County said after they attended a recent workshop…

  • Great info, especially about online dating.
  • Great workshop, it changed my way of thinking!
  • It was fun. I really enjoyed it.
  • Very helpful and presented in a way that is easy to digest. I could think about something Mary said and realize, “I can do that!” She made me realize dating can be fun.

The Gay Girl Love Tour is on the road for September, October and into November. Click here to learn more.

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