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Lesbians: Lets ‘Follow’ Frenchie Davis

13 Nov Posted by in • Jan Miller Corran | Comments Off on Lesbians: Lets ‘Follow’ Frenchie Davis
Lesbians: Lets ‘Follow’ Frenchie Davis

We first met Frenchie Davis in 2003 when she appeared on American Idol. A few years later she belted out “I Kissed a Girl” on The Voice. She didn’t win but it didn’t affect her career. It didn’t stop her from garnering Broadway raves for her roles in RENT and DREAMGIRLS. Her recording contract is in high gear. She is playing theaters and clubs throughout America. Frenchie has arrived.

With a career most people only dream about, a loyal fan base that increases every day, and a passionate love for life, Frenchie is a beacon of positivity wherever she goes.” I want to live my life to inspire people to be brave and courageous,” says Frenchie, “to believe in themselves and never take no for answer.” She is now undertaking the role of Jade in the film FOLLOW.

Producer LeeAnne Matusek states, “We are so blessed to have the multi-talented Frenchie Davis in the role of JADE. Having a strong lesbian character in this story line is key for me so it reflects real life. When we were putting together our marketing materials and shooting the JADE vignette I had goose bumps the whole time. Frenchie OWNS this role. I hope people check it out on our YouTube channel. All of the vignettes were written and filmed specifically to market our movie. I have had the great pleasure of discussing this storyline with Frenchie and it speaks to her in such a personal way. She also walks her talk. If you look at any of her social media, she is one smart lady and very savvy politically. We could not have cast a better woman to bring JADE to life.”

Frenchie-30I interviewed Frenchie as she prepares for a two week run in Zane’s Other Side of the Pillow at the Black Academy of Arts and Letters in Dallas.

JMC: What made you want to play the role of Jade?
FD: When I read the script I truly believed that this is a story that needs to be told and I think overall, in the national discussion we are currently having about equality and race, perspectives such as Jade’s are so needed.

JMC: As a black lesbian have you felt the type of prejudices and family disownment issues that are revealed in the film?
FD: Luckily, my family is awesome and supportive but I have certainly experienced prejudices- not only as a Black woman but as an OUT and PROUD LGBT woman, as well. I find it interesting and saddening at times that both of these communities I belong to…. communities of people who have had to struggle for years toward obtaining any ounce of equality, so often find themselves on opposite sides of many of the socio-political issues addressed in the film…. I want the Black leaders and the Black community as a whole to speak out more fervently on HIV/AIDS awareness, and remove the homophobic rhetoric from some of the conversations we are having in our communities about marriage equality and gay rights…. Conversely, I am saddened and angry when my White Gay Brothers and Sisters are not OUTRAGED by what happened to Trayvon Martin or Mike Brown because those young men’s civil rights weren’t any less violated than those of Matthew Shepard’s…. and we have to work harder at seeing our similarities so we can fight the good fight together.

JMC: Will we hear you sing in FOLLOW?
FD: Yes. The composer Allan Rich who wrote “I Live for Your Love” for Natalie Cole, “I Don’t Have the Heart” for James Ingram and “Run to You” for Whitney Houston is writing for FOLLOW and he has two numbers especially for Jade.

JMC: Many roles come your way- from your role on Broadway in RENT to DREAMGIRLS. What is special about FOLLOW? Why choose it?
FD: Simple. It’s a story that needs to be told.

FOLLOW is currently seeking investors and donors to complete the film. You can contact them through the FOLLOW website  OR you can donate through tax deductible More Than Friends Film Funding

This is that groundbreaking film we’ve been waiting for. Help bring it to the big screen!

Jan Miller Corran is the CEO and founder of More Than Friends Film Funding, Inc. and has produced and/or consulted on over twenty films since 1995.

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