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Why We Love Glee’s Lesbian Couple ‘Brittana’

23 Feb Posted by in • Jan Miller Corran | Comments Off on Why We Love Glee’s Lesbian Couple ‘Brittana’
Why We Love Glee’s Lesbian Couple ‘Brittana’

As a person who grew up listening to the songs of Broadway musicals and going to NYC at least once a year to take in four musicals in three days, I was drawn to GLEE like a voyeur to the world I dreamed of and I had buried deep inside. Yes, I have always wanted to be Funny Girl Fannie Brice or even a hoofer in Kinky Boots, but alas, a big problem- I can’t sing or dance. Yet, in the privacy of my own home I can belt out Don’t Rain on My Parade with Rachel Berry as my duet partner. I can even join Brittany and Santana, “the lesbian couple” in a dance on my living room stage.

This brings me to the fascination lesbians have with Brittany and Santana who will soon walk down the aisle in this final season of GLEE. I think I figured out what our draw is. First, who doesn’t think Naya Rivera (Santana) isn’t absolutely gorgeous, talented, sexy, beguiling, brash and did I already say gorgeous? Santana’s closet exiting a few seasons ago was brilliant TV. Plus, it addressed and continues to address the homosexuality beliefs of her heritage that so many Latino, Black, Asian women can relate to when they come out.

Second, Santana is cunning, smart, savvy and in love with… well, how can I say it? Brittany is not the brightest bulb in the pack. She is not even close, except for her odd math genius stuff. She makes us shake our heads when she shows us that she is “just so dumb” and we love her just like she is. The lesson we learn is this. For all of those girls out there who think they can’t get the smart girl or the gorgeous girl, well, you can. For all you ladies who think looks are number one, they aren’t.

Santana and Brittany reinforce and reassure us that the only thing that matters in a relationship is love, love, love mixed with respect, mutual support and loyalty. As Meghan Trainor says, It’s all about that bass. Brittana is that couple we have watched grow up, date boys, date other girls, and become two women who know that they absolutely must be together forever.

Epochalips is for the mature women who can look back and remember that day we actually came out and the reaction of friends and family. We can remember that moment when we looked “into her eyes” and knew that even though she was smarter or not smarter, maybe much older or much younger, maybe a Republican and you are a Democrat (just sayin’) or maybe you just came from completely opposite worlds that she was the love of your life.

Brittany and Santana will be Brittana forever. They will get married on GLEE. They will sing and dance about it. They will hold hands and walk off into the sunset. They are our guilty little throwback in time pleasure. The wannabe Broadway star in me will be there with my Kleenex as I sing-along with them. Hey, who doesn’t like a wedding!

GLEE is on FOX on Fridays.

Jan Miller Corran is the CEO and founder of More Than Friends Film Funding, Inc. and has produced and/or consulted on over twenty films since 1995.

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