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Help Family Secrets Get Unveiled in ‘Louise’

02 May Posted by in • Jan Miller Corran | Comments Off on Help Family Secrets Get Unveiled in ‘Louise’
Help Family Secrets Get Unveiled in ‘Louise’

In 1995 I became a filmmaker. Well, that is a stretch. I consulted on a documentary about dementia because I am a psychologist and gerontologist by background. The film went on to be nominated for an Academy Award and in my humble opinion, I helped get it there. Okay. Not so humble. It was around this time that I opened up a box of my writings and found a play I had written called Three Women in a Box. It centered on the interactions of a daughter, mother and grandmother who discover truths about each other. Could it ever be a film was the question that has been with me for 21 years. I kept it on the back burner as I went on to produce or consult on nearly 20 feature films, documentaries and short films.

Rebecca Staab

Rebecca Staab

Then, a curious and revealing thing happened. Three Women in a Box was based on my story- my truth. But, in 2004, my mother lay dying . Many times the dying will speak about the visitors they have in the night. To us it sounds delusional. To the person dying it is real and I am not one to question it. One night my mother told me that Louise had been to visit her in the night. I had never heard of anyone named Louise in my mother’s life. To my surprise and amazement, my mother told me of her “close and loving relationship” with this women nearly 60 years ago.


Constance Brenneman

In 2015, I was once again going through a box of writings and there was my old play. My mother’s revelation has haunted me for a long time. The time had come to tell the story of my mother and her “close friend”. From it comes Louise, a story about three generations of women who come together for a weekend at Rose’s (Gran’s) lake house. Secrets of eternal love, love lost, love betrayed and love reaffirmed are unveiled. It is now in the pre-production phase as a major motion picture. Yes, my story will be directed by the incredible Melanie Mayron who fell in love with the story. Soon I’ll announce the leads but so far Rebecca Staab (A Perfect Ending), William DeVry (General Hospital) and Constance Brenneman (Toy Soldiers best actress winner) are on board. LeeAnne Matusek is co-producing with me.

Now I turn to you, the film loving women and men out there who loved the movies I helped produce. It truly does take a village to bring films to the big screen. We are 60% there with our funding and now hope that you will help. We are seeking donors and investors. That is the way independent films happen. So if you want to see a memorable story that will break the glass ceiling between lesbian film and mainstream film, please help. You can donate at OR contact me to find out how investing is a Win/Win for you and the film. I helped bring award winning films to life in the past 20 years. Now I turn to you and ask you to assist me in bringing my film to life for you.

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