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Top 10 Queer/Lesbian Businesses to Buy Gifts!

21 Nov Posted by in • Robin Lowey | Comments Off on Top 10 Queer/Lesbian Businesses to Buy Gifts!
Top 10 Queer/Lesbian Businesses to Buy Gifts!

img_4860Do the right thing! Buy gifts from our lesbian sisters. Here are EPOCHALIPS’ TOP TEN PICKS of lesbian owned and operated businesses where you can find that special gift online for your pals, lovers and yes, even your pets.

If you look for the ultimate escape with your partner or your best friends, look no further than Olivia Travel, THE travel company for lesbians. Olivia has been serving the lesbian community since 1973. They take women on all different types of vacations around the world—from cruises and luxury cruises, to resorts, riverboats, and even adventures. Whether you’re traveling solo, with your partner, or with a group of friends, you’ll make many new friends and gain memories that will last a lifetime.

immigreat2Fantastic, custom bowties for every occasion. There are great reasons to buy from Immigreat Designs. Adriana Santos, the designer of Immigreat Designs says: Statistics do not tell the story of immigration, people do. By using the word immigrant as a negative phrase, we deny the importance of immigrants to our society. We are a nation of immigrants. I was 4 years old when I came to the United States with my family. On January 4, 2010 while waiting for the bus, I was approached by two young men and robbed at gun point. They took my phone, my money, but most importantly my peace of mind. As the victim of that crime I became eligible to apply for a U-Visa. It is a visa that is given to immigrants who are victims of serious crimes committed on US grounds. As I create my bow ties, I am putting into them the passion behind my story. Every bow tie sold contributes to my lawyer fees and applications.  They are a part of me, and I forever driven to keep creating unique pieces.

tatStick & Poke Tattoo Kit is a queer owned business in Oakland, CA. Nicole West started the company in 2013 when they noticed their friends were doing DIY tattoos without safety in mind. At the time, a Biology Teacher, they decided to learn about blood borne pathogens, proper tattooing and stick and poke culture. West put together a kit of just what you need to make your own hand poke tattoo – using professional supplies and ink. They wrote a booklet that tells buyers how to complete a diy tattoo safely. This is available for free download on the website. 

IMG_8666Take a Journey of a Lifetime to Namibia with Jody Cole of  Wild Rainbow African Safaris!  Leave routine in the dust and start 2017 on a journey of discovery. Spend ten days exploring Namibia, Africa, and its natural treasures. You’ll stay in gracious hotels and rustic camps. Explore national parks teaming with wildlife, feed cheetahs, look for dolphins along the coast, meet native tribes, and explore breath-taking dunes. It’s an adventure that promises to renew your soul and expand your mind.

glassCheck out our favorite toy from Bableland. They’ve become a staple of the sex toy chest: gorgeously-sculpted glass dildos! What’s the attraction? Fans have discovered that these glass dildos provide the firm stimulation needed for G-spot exploration. What’s more, glass toys can change temperature easily, so by warming one up in hot water, or cooling it down in the refrigerator, you can add a thrilling dimension to your sex play. Glass dildos are easy to clean, and let’s not forget their greatest feature: they’re visually stunning. Some toys look enough like art pieces that you can happily display them on a shelf or coffee table, with no one the wiser.

leztalkcoverWe LOVE this book from BLF Press from Editors: S. Andrea Allen and Lauren Cherelle: A necessary and relevant addition to the Black LGBTQ literary canon, which oftentimes overlooks Black lesbian writing, Lez Talk is a collection of writing that embraces the fullness of Black lesbian experiences.  At once provocative, emotional, adventurous, and celebratory, Lez Talk crosses a range of fictional genres, including romance, speculative, and humor.

monkbluemain_2048x2048Nik Kacy
created the first gender-equal luxury footwear and accessories company. They started last year with their first collection, Fortune, a line of masculine-styled shoes in unisex sizes and gender-equal comfort. The first collection is built around 5 basic masculine styled shoes they’ve always wanted to wear, but could never find in their size. NiK took very classic designs and modernized each pair with contrasting colors, even including the equality symbol to further convey their mission of a gender-equal world and making positive impact, one step at a time. What sets their designs apart from the rest of the shoe industry is that they broke away from the belief that sizing needed to be confined within the gender binary.  They believe that style should not be limited by gender and every individual should have the freedom to express themselves through fashion in their own authentic way, regardless of their gender expression and identity. 

Fortune Feimster

Fortune Feimster

Founded in 2013 following the repeal of Proposition 8, Kipper Clothiers was born out of a need to create clothing that inspires pride and confidence within the LGBT community. Erin Berg and Kyle Moshrefi met while working at a fashion start-up in San Francisco’s Fashion District. A former J. Crew stylist and one of Everlane’s first employees, Moshrefi was looking to disrupt the fashion industry with an innovative take on well-fitted custom suits. Berg, a neuroscience graduate looking to make a career shift, recognized an opportunity to stand out in a saturated market and possessed the operational skills to build a business. Tired of the lack of options for lesbians and transgender men looking for high-quality, hand crafted and well-fitted custom suits, Berg and Moshrefi decided to start Kipper Clothiers.

wolfeyWolfe Video has created the go-to place to order Lesbian themed films to own or stream. Buy all the latest best sellers and obscure favorites on DVD for your film lover. New releases include Me. Myself and Her, Summertime (La Belle Saison), Girls Lost, The Royal Road and many more!

Butch Basix seeks to serve people like us who incorporate a masculine aesthetic into their presentation and style as an expression of their own personal identity. They want to help customers define themselves by providing basic “butch” accessories and clothing that meet the unique needs of present and past female bodies. This is great stuff! Check out the short video below.

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