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Stand-Up For Standing Rock

01 Dec Posted by in • Guest Writers | Comments Off on Stand-Up For Standing Rock
Stand-Up For Standing Rock

I am standing with Standing Rock Sioux Tribe in North Dakota to halt the oil pipeline.  It has already mostly been laid, so a lot of apathetic people are like, ‘”Oh well, come on they already did it, so why not let em finish?”  NO.  The Native Americans do not want it on their land and they have the right to say No.  When can big business accept No? Money cannot buy everything.  It has been our creed or our greed and our love of money that has dictated our behavior for many many years in America. It is time to have a new creed: of love for the Earth- Respect for the earth – Gratitude for the bounty the earth provides – let us not rape the earth anymore.  Let the Rape stop at Standing Rock!

standingrock-dakotaposter1-223x300-e1473088154775I am thinking about going there and freezing my ass off – It gets down to 40 below.  I will wear warm clothes – bring wood and paper and kindling to make a fire – a generator to run a heater or heating pad – for the cold nights – an all weather tent and a sub zero sleeping bag.

Who am I kidding?  I don’t like to camp. I can’t sleep on the ground.  I can’t even sleep with my girlfriend. Maybe I better just send money.  I bought a T-shirt.  I haven’t gotten it yet.  I might as well get ripped off in solidarity with the Sioux tribe.  It is ironic that the Sioux tribe is going to have to Sue the Government for not upholding their treaty. They are not making good on their own laws.  They are breaking the law and saying “Tough we are the law.”  No you are not above the Law.  Money and disrespect does not make you above the law.

Iscreenshot7589 live in the woods now – I was in LA for 14 years  – and I got nervous- My nerves were a bit frazzled by the time I got back to my little house in RI in the woods.  I remember standing in this big yard, with trees all around me, looking up at the sky and all of a sudden seeing something out of the corner of my eye. I screamed and jumped and got in my flight or fight position and instantly had to realize it was merely a leaf, floating down from an old Oak tree.  A leaf had my hackles up. I am in the country now, not in the city where people everywhere out to get cha.  Out to get what is there’s and stepping on you to get it.  This doesn’t happen in the country. Not in the woods. Everything comes and goes, ebbs and flows, takes its’ turn.  Nature is fair and not wasteful.  Keep her water clean.  Fight for her rights.

I may not be at standing rock in person but I am doing stand up for standing rock.  That will be my new tour.

A portion of proceeds will go to Standing Rock Nation.

Starting Sunday Dec 4th  4:00 PM

The Queer Queens of Qomedy

The Hartford FunnyBone

194 Buckland Hills Drive

Manchester, CT. 06042


with Michele Balan and Jess Miller and Karen Grenier.

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