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April Astrological Insights for Lesbians

10 Apr Posted by in • Guest Writers | 2 comments
April Astrological Insights for Lesbians

There are two main themes with a month, a Full Moon and a New Moon. The Full Moon is when the Sun and Moon are exact in opposite signs. During Aries, the Full Moon is in Libra, and is exact Monday night, April 10th. This polarity is always about relationships. This is the time when we assess, not just our relationships, but ourselves within relationships. We must ask ourselves if we’re taking care of our own needs and being all of who we can be? Do we feel supported?

Are we supporting others to be all they can be? Are we allowing enough space within our relationships, so that each has constant new stimulus to bring to the relationship. And lastly, are their relationships we need to let go of? Pluto also makes a 90-degree angle to both the Sun and Moon, so control issues are a part of this Full Moon.

Kayte Ryann is an astrologer in Santa Rosa CA. For readings and daily Startalk information, call 707-579-2610. Kayte is a certified astrologer who has been doing readings since the mid-sixties.

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  • Bablofil says:

    Thanks, great article.

  • kvas says:

    Pluto goes into its yearly retrograde cycle on April 20, 2017. If you tune in to your inner self around this date, you may get some amazing insights about changes that have taken place in your life since last September.