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New Moon – An Opportunity to Heal

29 Apr Posted by in • Guest Writers | Comments Off on New Moon – An Opportunity to Heal
New Moon – An Opportunity to Heal

The New Moon in April occured just before dawn on Wednesday, April 26th. As the Sun and Moon meet in Taurus. Mercury, planet of communication, and Uranus planet of invention, both in Aries, are close by degree to the meeting, bringing exciting possibilities for this lunar cycle, and encouraging innovative solutions.

Taurus is considered the ruler or money and resources in the chart. So obviously, this cycle provides an opportunity to look at our finances, investments, and resources. With Saturn in Sagittarius also close by degree there’s thoughts about the future.

Taurus is Venus ruled, so this lunar cycle is also about who and what and how we love. This is an opportunity to forgive, let go of victimization, and heal what is needed within ourselves and our relationships.

Mercury, which has been retrograde (an apparent backwards motion) for most of April returns to direct motion on May 3rd, which will improve ease and accuracy, and clear up some confusion in communication. Retrograde Mercury in Aries can fill your mind with ideas and not know exactly what they are. While Mercury is retrograde it’s best to observe life symbolically rather than literally. Some postpone important decision-making till Mercury goes direct.

Mercury stays within two degrees of Uranus the last week of April and first two of May. This partnership invites innovative thinking, forthright communication, and rebellious attitudes, as well as increasing nervous energy. We might want to increase our meditation during this time. And remember, success in life is not about the money, things, or even accomplishments. It is absolutely about the joy we feel.

Kayte Ryann is an astrologer in Santa Rosa CA. For readings and daily Startalk information, call 707-579-2610. Kayte is a certified astrologer who has been doing readings since the mid-sixties.

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