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Communication – Listen More, Talk Less

26 May Posted by in • Guest Writers | Comments Off on Communication – Listen More, Talk Less
Communication – Listen More, Talk Less

The June influences begin with the New Moon in Gemini on May 25th. Gemini is ruled by the planet Mercury. So, this cycle is about communication. A little before the meeting of the Sun and Moon, social Venus in Aries squares Pluto, planet of transformation, in Capricorn, bringing up relationship issues, especially those involving finances and equality of power. Communication will be the key to working out those and pretty much all others. Gemini stimulates new ideas and likes to talk. Listening skills are necessary. Listen more, talk less.

Gemini is a mental sign, and while the Sun is moving through Gemini, it is a great opportunity for honing up writing, speaking, listening, and reading. This is the annual cycle about communicating. June 1st begins the challenging First Quarter phase. For the next four days, the issues around communication may come up. It’s the time in the cycle encouraging necessary changes. Listen more, talk less.

As previously mentioned, Gemini is ruled by the planet Mercury. In your birth chart Mercury will be no more than 30 degrees away from your Sun, so, it will either be in the same sign as your Sun, or the sign before or after your Sun. The sign that your Mercury is in, and the aspects to it, have a lot to do with how you think and communicate. That information has helped many relationships work better.

The Full Moon, the peak of the cycle, is Friday, June 9th. The Moon in Sagittarius opposes the Sun in Gemini. This is asking, “How does our communication represent our belief systems,” and “How do our belief systems influence our communication, and the way we think”. Sagittarius is ruled by the planet Jupiter. In the chart, planets in Sagittarius, the sign Jupiter is in, and the 9th house will tell us a lot about our belief systems.

This cycle ends with the New Moon in Cancer on June 23. This cycle is about home, family, nurturing, relationships with our mothers, etc., which I’ll go into for the July edition.

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