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Lesbian Cancer/Capricorn Lunar Insights

05 Jul Posted by in • Guest Writers | Comments Off on Lesbian Cancer/Capricorn Lunar Insights
Lesbian Cancer/Capricorn Lunar Insights

Cancer is about home, family, and nurturing. In July, it usually rules the lunar cycle, beginning with the New Moon when the Sun and Moon meet for their semi-Annual date, and peaking at the Full Moon in Capricorn when the Moon opposes the Cancer Sun.

The Cancer energy rules the home fires, with family being the priority. Capricorn is ambitious, and seeks recognition from the career and public image. Of course, we’re not all born during Cancer or Capricorn time. But we all have the Cancer and Capricorn energies in our charts, at varying degrees.

Both Cancer and Capricorn are cardinal or leadership signs, so struggles over who is the boss are likely. However, Cancer can be more passive aggressive and manipulative. But Capricorn can also be too direct and more detached than sensitive Cancer, who can get their feelings hurt easily.

Cancer is very creative, and communicates primarily from their feelings and intuition. Capricorn, coming primarily from the head and intellect, makes good use of diplomacy skills. Cancer is passionate about feelings, home, and family. Capricorn is passionate about success and public recognition, including being a good monetary provider.

The mid-points between the sun and Moon during the cycle will activate these issues. The First Quarter square (or phase) mid-way between the New Moon and the Full Moon, when the Moon is in Libra, is when the Universe, or an intimate associate, lets us know there is a problem or a need for changes. Some part of our lives may fall apart unless solutions are found and resolved, or necessary changes are made.

The Last Quarter square, or phase, mid-way between the Full Moon and New Moon, when the Moon is in Aries, is when we’ve either made the necessary adjustments and feel ready to move on, or we feel stuck in an unresolvable situation, and either feel hopeless, or just want out. This could be the time to bring in some form of council.

Kayte Ryann is an astrologer in Santa Rosa CA. For readings and daily Startalk information, call 707-579-2610. Kayte is a certified astrologer who has been doing readings since the mid-sixties.

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