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Lesbian Lunar Insights – September

30 Aug Posted by in Guest Writers | Comments Off on Lesbian Lunar Insights – September
Lesbian Lunar Insights – September

September is the month of Virgo, which began August 22nd, the day after the New Moon and Great American Solar Eclipse on August 21st. Virgo is the most thoughtful sign in the zodiac. They sense or see what is needed, and will do about anything to help. They are detail oriented, and very concerned with health, hygiene and diet. Virgo is an earth sign, and therefore practical, and Mercury ruled, so mentally acute’. It’s opposite, Pisces, is the idealist, relying more on intuition than facts, and sees the big picture, missing the ‘messy’ details.  We do have all the signs within us in varying degrees. So, not everyone will exhibit all the characteristics of any one sign.

The first challenge of this cycle is the first quarter phase, which is the last four days of August. The Virgo practicality is challenged by the philosophic and optimism of Sagittarius. If something seems too good to be true, it probably is. If something falls apart during this time, it may be an opportunity for needed change, even if at the time, it wasn’t your favorite choice.

There’s an aspect on Saturday, September 2nd, that puts up a caution sign, and that is a fiery trine between impulsive Mars in Leo and unpredictable Uranus in Aries (28 degrees). This could bring excitement, and something wonderful. But just stay grounded and pay extra close attention, especially when driving or climbing ladders, etc.

On September 5th, Mercury returns to direct motion (28 degrees), which helps clarity in communication. We can feel a little more confident in the signing of documents and making decisions.

This Full Moon, when the Pisces Moon will be opposite the Virgo Sun, is Wednesday, September 6th (14 degrees). The Pisces Full Moon opens our psychic sensors and increases feelings of vulnerability. We may be more sensitive to the pain and suffering of the world and all of humanity. But don’t let this put you into helplessness or despair. Instead use the energy to open your heart to compassion, forgiveness and unconditional love.  The Moon will be closely aligned with its planetary ruler, idealistic Neptune, as it was at the solar eclipse on February 26 of this year. A dream, or vision planted at that time may now come to fruition.

Practicality returns on Saturday, the 9th, when the Virgo Sun makes an earthy trine to Pluto in Capricorn (17 degrees), bringing co-operation and assistance for our projects and activities. Mercury also moves into meticulous Virgo in the evening till the end of the month. Dotting all the “I s” and crossing all the “t s” could be important and noticed.

On the 13th, the Sun in Virgo and Moon in Gemini square for the Last quarter phase of the cycle (21 degrees). This is the few days of the cycle when we most doubt or second guess ourselves, our directions, choices and decisions. This is the time to check in with our inner and higher selves. The Balsamic, or completion phase begins on the 16th. This is the four days to use for completing things, forgiveness, making amends, and making contact with important people from the past.

The New Moon, towards the end of Virgo (27 degrees) is the night of the 19th. This is a time to get focused on the here and now reality. Take steps to perfect and heal what’s right in front of us. Discernment is one of Virgo’s gifts, and a time to take a look at what in our lives is nourishing and what is toxic and ready to be released. The Shadow side of Virgo is perfectionism, and can block us from giving our gifts.

Saturn is the principle of necessity. It’s in moral Sagittarius, and squares this New Moon in Virgo, adding some pressure. Rather than getting caught up in the shadow part of Virgo’s self-judgement, better to shower these parts of ourselves with a big dose of unconditional love, acceptance, and compassion.

Mercury, the planetary ruler of Virgo, and currently transiting Virgo, exactly trines Neptune in Pisces (12 degrees). There’s a potential for distorted, distracted thinking and getting lost in illusion, but can also expand our intuition and ability to tune into the big picture. Mercury is the magician. We can change reality through our thoughts, words, actions, and state of awareness, moment by moment.

Mercury and Mars in Virgo also form an earth Grand trine with the Moon in Virgo and  Pluto, planet of transformation, in Capricorn (17 degrees), helping us to bring our visions and ideals into physical reality.

The Sun moves into Libra on the 22nd, sign of connection and relationships, among other things, which I’ll talk about the October article.

Kayte Ryann, Astrologer – For daily influences follow me on Face Book. To inquire about readings call 707-579-2610 or email Telephone readings are available for people at a distance.Readings during the birth month receive a 20% discount.


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