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Scorpio Season – Lesbian Startalk

31 Oct Posted by in Guest Writers | Comments Off on Scorpio Season – Lesbian Startalk
Scorpio Season – Lesbian Startalk

Though Scorpio time began October 23rd, November starts out at the peak of the lunar cycle, the Full Moon in Taurus (12 degrees), the opposite sign of Scorpio Friday night November 3rd. They are both fixed signs, so there’s likely to be choices that may not be easy.

The Scorpio season is a time to shed, transform, or heal whatever is diminishing our vitality and power. In case there’s any doubt about what that might be, this Super Full Moon is likely to make it super obvious. A Super Full Moon will appear extra-large in the sky, and likewise we tend to feel its influence more dramatically. Venus ruled Taurus is the earthy, sensual expression of the Goddess of love, reveling in the pleasures of the body and material existence. As the first of the earth signs, Taurus is concerned with basic survival needs of food, shelter, money, and other resources, seeking comfort and security. This Full Moon brings to light where we might be holding on too tightly to what we have, and blocking vitality and abundance. Without the balance of Scorpio, Taurus, which is fixed earth, can become stagnant, stuck in “survival mode” instead of thriving. Also, Venus in Libra opposes Uranus in Aries on this auspicious Full Moon, encouraging us to break free from unhealthy attachments.

This lunar cycle began at the New Moon on October 19th with Uranus in opposition to the New Moon. These themes of disruption, revolution, and liberation peak at the Full Moon on November 3rd. Uranus accelerates consciousness and jolts us into a higher perspective. Ultimately Venus is the planet of self-love, and this Full Moon illuminates underlying issues of worthiness and receptivity that keep us playing small, and closes us off to the greater flow of life. Uranus can help us see what we need to release, to experience more aliveness and intimacy. Jupiter is in Scorpio for the next year, and close to the Sun at the Full Moon on November 3rd. Letting go of what is not working is the key to welcoming opportunities for expansion. Scorpio represents death and rebirth. This is the ideal time of the year to remember and honor our ancestors and those who have gone before us. This is also the best time to recycle, go through closets, storage sheds, cupboards, etc, and get rid of our excess.

Sorry to say, Daylight Savings Time ends on Sunday, November 5th. Remember to turn your clocks back an hour. From here on, our days get about a minute shorter each day. Also on this day, Mercury, planet of communication, moves into Sagittarius till mid- January, as Mercury spends much of December in one of its 3 annual retrograde periods. Mercury in Sagittarius is playfully called the “foot-in-mouth” aspect, as people with that aspect often blurt out the thing everyone’s thinking but too polite, scared, or diplomatic to say. So, during this time we may notice more of that than usual, and not just from those whom it usually comes. Venus moves into Scorpio on the 7th (election day), till the end of the month, intensifying and deepening relationships and connections. Scorpio is, again, “playfully,” called the control freak of the zodiac, and can be very jealous, without much provocation. Venus, being the planet of love, could bring some of those influences our way. Just be aware of those patterns in yourself and others. The weekend of the 10th – 12th is colored by Saturn in Sagittarius’s supportive and fiery trine to innovative Uranus in Aries (26 degrees), allowing us to create structural changes in our lives and test out new ideas. Defining future goals gives us a foundation to access Uranus’s unconventional wisdom. The New Moon on Saturday, November 18th is in Scorpio (26 degrees). At the New Moon time the Moon’s light is hidden by the sun. It is the darkest night of each month. The darkness feels especially deep as the sun lit days are getting shorter and nights growing longer.

The Scorpio season is the season of dying, when we’re reminded of our own mortality and the inevitable death of everyone and everything. The point isn’t to depress us, but to inspire us to live passionately, with gratitude and appreciation. The Scorpio New Moon suggests ruthless pruning to make room for new growth in our lives. Old projects, investments, and relationships that no longer support us, our growth, and changes can be left behind. After a heavy start to the day, the Moon’s leap into jovial Sagittarius, lightens things up, and we can enjoy the rest of our Sunday. As a water sign, Scorpio lives in the feeling realm, though communicating that often feels too vulnerable for many Scorpios. The feelings, however, can uncover our core motivation and desires, which might take us out of our comfort zone. But, if what we want doesn’t scare us, at least a little, there may not be enough juice to motivate us to go after it. Facing our fears, however, is the path to the Scorpio transformation.

The Scorpio New Moon’s power to regenerate can be directed to any area where we feel stuck or stagnant. We access Scorpio’s regenerative magic by softening our defenses, sharing our vulnerability, and surrendering our illusion of control. Scorpio is the fixed water sign, and fixity in the emotional realm can be seen in the areas where we have frozen up, where our emotions have stopped moving, due to past traumas, large and small. The Scorpio New Moon forms an aspect to Uranus (25 Aries), reinforcing the theme of being shaken out of our comfort zone. To renew our vitality, and to breathe life back into our relationships, we need to interrupt our habitual patterns of reacting and defending. Venus and Jupiter in Scorpio making harmonious trines to compassionate Neptune help with healing. November 21st the Sun enters Sagittarius, which will be the subject of next month’s Startalk article along with Gemini the Sagittarius opposite. Use these influences to help you understand what energies you might be feeling, and have a  productive month, with as much joy as you can find all around you. And

Kayte Ryann posts the daily influences every night on her Facebook page, as well as recording it on my phone, listed below. Kayte Ryann, Astrologer – For information about readings call 707-579-2610 Or email Telephone readings are available for people at a distance. And 20% discount for readings scheduled in the birth month or sign.

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