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Lesbian Star Talk June – Gemini

29 May Posted by in Guest Writers | Comments Off on Lesbian Star Talk June – Gemini
Lesbian Star Talk June – Gemini

June is the month of Gemini, adaptable, mental, and talkative. Every sign has ‘two sides of a coin,’ but Gemini is the most obvious and can switch in an instant. They are famous for multi-tasking and can have several projects going at once, that they split their time and energy with. Remember, we all have some of every sign, and the Sun sign is not always the dominant in a chart.

There are several themes happening now and influencing June. From December 2016 to November 2017 there were three squares between Saturn and the asteroid Chiron which has pushed us to address chronic problems undermining the structure of society. On a personal level we may find ourselves revisiting old issues.

Saturn, in traditional Capricorn, insists traditions be followed to the letter to provide a sense of continuity. We cannot be hobbled by the past. Fresh growth needs a fresh approach, and for this we look to inventive Uranus, which has just spent 7 years in impatient and impulsive Aries, anxious for changes, with spontaneous uprisings leading to instability across the planet. Now that Uranus has moved into agricultural Taurus, we’re put on notice that we need to diversify. With Taurus also related to resources, what we consider valuable may be changing. We need to invest in progressive practices. Liberating Uranus brings a focus on innovation helping us to create a bridge to the new world order.

Change, however, like plodding Taurus, is likely to slow down with the significant retrograde action (or should I say inaction). Pluto, Saturn, and Jupiter are all retrograde. Neptune begins on the 16th, and Mars, at the June 26th Full Moon.

June begins the first weekend with all harmonious trines. There’s an optimistic spirit, lots of communication and sociability beginning on Friday morning. Mercury, planet of communication in chatty Gemini trines assertive Mars in intelligent Aquarius (5 degrees), and social Venus in creative Cancer trines fun-loving Jupiter in harmony seeking Libra (15 degrees). A late-night trine from Venus to idealist Neptune in watery Pisces, reminds us to stay grounded.

On Saturday the Moon moves into Aquarius and squares its planetary ruler unpredictable Uranus in Taurus (0 degrees), which could indicate stubbornness. Sunday makes all positive and harmonious aspects until a square to overindulgent Jupiter in Scorpio tonight (15 degrees) which may bring more stubbornness and encourages moderation.

Tuesday evening, the 5th is a good evening for communication as the Sun crosses Mercury in Gemini (15 degrees), especially because there may be differing ideas for social activities or connecting in relationship with a Venus in protective and sensitive Cancer opposing intense Pluto in know-it-all Capricorn (20 degrees).

On the 12th, Mercury moves into Cancer for the next couple of weeks and communication may be less than direct. Have you ever watched a crab walk side-ways? That’s kind of the idea.

The New Moon in Gemini is on the 13th (23 degrees). Intellectual and flexible this lunation plants a seed for change and highlights the power of our thoughts and words to shape reality, asking us to consider which areas of our life are calling for renewal. Mercury, ruler of Gemini has just moved into watery Cancer, the Moon’s home sign. This mutual reception between Mercury and the Moon calls us to access our emotional intelligence, the deeper level of heart knowing beneath the surface of the analytical mind. We’re asked to listen to our intuition and to the feeling tone behind the words people are saying more than the content of the words themselves. Communicating with sensitivity and compassion is key, as people may be more likely than usual to take things personally and react defensively.

Mercury opposes Saturn in Capricorn (6 degrees) at this New Moon. There may be challenging communications. We want to be conscious of and take responsibility for the power of our words to harm or to heal. We may have the opportunity to resolve old issues. We may need to make an important decision or take committed action at this time, possibly related to family, or other close relationships, home or real estate. While the Mercury-Saturn connection can help us to think realistically about circumstances, there’s also a potential for negative or overly critical thinking, cynicism, or judgment.

Mercury also makes a stimulating sextile to revolutionary Uranus in Taurus (1 degree), encouraging us to think outside the box and access creative solutions. This is likely to spark enlivening and expansive conversations, especially when we’re willing to speak the truth of our unconventional ideas, with love and sensitivity.

New Moons typically encourage new projects or life directions, but this lunation indicates otherwise, due to all the retrograde planets. This New Moon seems to be more about discerning what’s true and real in our lives, letting go of the past, and shifting our perceptions and stories so we can more easily move forward when the timing is right.

Be flexible Thursday evening the 14th as Venus newly in Leo makes a fixed square to unpredictable Uranus in Taurus (1 degree). And on Friday the 15th try to emphasize the positive as the Mercury-Saturn opposition is exact. And for those of you who still have fathers on this plain, I hope it’s a lovely connection on Father’s Day Sunday, the 17th.

Neptune begins its 5-month retrograde period on the 18th till Christmas. Neptune is creative and the planet of idealism, among other things. What that represents for us is that many of our creative ideas and idealistic views may not materialize until around Christmas or later. Tuesday, the 19th, Mercury in Cancer trines Jupiter in Scorpio (14 degrees) bringing plentiful optimistic communication.

The 21st is the Summer Solstice, as the Sun moves into Cancer. It’s the peak of our daylight hours, so the Sun will begin setting about a minute a day earlier until the Winter Solstice in December. Venus in Cancer opposes Mars in Capricorn also today (9 degrees). This is the meeting between our yin and yang. It can be like a struggle of folding sheets, or a lovely dance. Let’s hope for a good dance.

Friday, the 22nd calls for adaptability. The Scorpio Moon opposes unpredictable Uranus in Taurus, two fixed and stubborn signs in the afternoon (1 degree). However, the big aspect of the day is the Sun making a sextile to Uranus, which offers opportunities. Flexibility could make the difference in the day and maybe the weekend.

Mars in Aquarius starts its retrograde time on Tuesday, the 26th. Till the end of August, the mental energy and inventive ideas may not materialize till September. So, write those ideas down, even if they can’t be produced right away.

The Full Moon in Capricorn (6 degrees) is on Wednesday, the 27th. Each Full Moon marks a turning point, a time of fruition when we see the results of past actions. We can continue the same path or change course. The Moon is also meeting with Saturn, the Capricorn planetary ruler, known as the Lord of Karma. Karma is simply the law of cause and effect, the principle that we reap what we sow.

The emotional tone of this Full Moon is more sobering than celebratory, but it can help us to clarify our priorities and realign with what’s most meaningful to us. We get clear feedback about the seeds we’ve sown. We can use this Full Moon as a turning point to start investing our energy in a different direction, if we don’t like what’s being manifested in our lives. Or we can pat ourselves on the back and be grateful for what we’ve accomplished (or both).

Capricorn is the sign of responsibility. We may see that we have fallen into avoidance or procrastination and need to step up. Or we might become aware that we’ve assumed too much responsibility or taken on a burden that isn’t really ours. In that case we may to learn to say “no,” set some boundaries, and pull back our energy.

Old wounds around confidence, courage, power, and assertiveness may be stirred up at this time. Repressed anger may occur. Rather than over-asserting ourselves to protect our wounded places, it may be more effective to speak our truth with love, vulnerability and compassion for ourselves and others without blame. The Capricorn Cancer axis is about restructuring and renegotiating. A helpful and practical earth trine from unconventional Uranus to the Moon and Saturn can assist us in breaking old patterns of behavior that don’t assist us and explore new ways to practice that feel healthier.

On the last day of the month, June 30th the Moon in Aquarius forms a T square with both Uranus in Taurus and Mercury, which moved into Leo on the 28th (1 degree). This is bound to compel us into action.

June is also our month of celebrating LGBTQ. Be proud. I hope you all have a good month. Even if difficult changes don’t feel good, keep acting out of self-love. I’ll see you again in July.

Kayte Ryann, certified astrologer, since 1990. For readings and consultations concerning specific issues. Call 707-579-2610 or text 707-322-0308

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