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Lesbian Startalk for July- Cancer

03 Jul Posted by in Guest Writers | Comments Off on Lesbian Startalk for July- Cancer
Lesbian Startalk for July- Cancer

July is the month of Cancer. Ruled by the Moon, and often referred to as the sign of Motherhood. Cancer is watery, creative, psychic and extremely sensitive, particularly when a person is born with the Moon in Cancer. Cancer is the thriftiest of all the signs and loves bargains and “good deals.” On the flip side Cancer’s often have difficulty laughing at themselves and can be defensive. This is when I remind everyone that we are not just one sign. We have all the signs within us. Where the planets were located at our birth gives us the information about which signs are most prominent.

Uranus, having moved into Taurus reminds us that we need to focus on innovation and make necessary changes to create the new developments in the world and within ourselves. Liberating Uranus makes us aware that there is a price for freedom. Change, however, much like the plodding Taurus, is likely to slow down due to so much retrograde motion of the planets at this time.

The Moon moves into Aries the evening of the 4th of July, so the energy may be as fiery as the fire-works. This is an evening to be extra cautious and safe. Sunday the 8th appears to be an idyllic day as the Sun in Cancer, Neptune in Pisces, and the Moon in Taurus all dance with harmony and opportunity. However, communication may get dicey Sunday night with a Mercury in Leo making a fixed square to Jupiter in Scorpio. Exaggeration, stubbornness and control issues may even spill over to the next morning. Monday evening Venus moves into accuracy-seeking Virgo for a month. And the communicating Gemini Moon makes a harmonious trine to Mars in Aquarius helping us to expand our minds, letting in other ideas and perspectives. On Tuesday, the 10th Jupiter ends its retrograde period and returns to direct motion bringing a return of optimism and a more positive vibration.

We are entering eclipse season. The first of three occurs at the New Moon on July 12. This is only a partial eclipse in homey Cancer, but it still packs a punch with an opposition to powerful Pluto. Feelings of insecurity could drive us to hide away rather than confront our fears, seeking comfort in old habits. However, there’s a glimmer of hope for the ‘light’ to return with lunar trines to optimistic Jupiter and compassionate Neptune.

The challenging First Quarter Phase, the time in the cycle when changes are sometimes “forced” upon us begins Thursday afternoon, the 19th, and intensifies when the Moon moves into focused Scorpio Friday and Saturday. The energy lightens up for Sunday, the 22nd, when the Moon moves into playful and philosophic Sagittarius and the Sun moves into fun-loving Leo.

Mercury moves into its second of three annual retrograde periods on the 25th till August 18th. This retrograde time is in bold Leo, a risk taker. But given the rest of the planetary picture, this is not a great time for risk taking. Instead it’s an opportunity for creative rethinking.

The second eclipse happens at the Full Moon on July 27th. This eclipse in Aquarius is joined by fiery Mars in Aquarius and squares rebellious Uranus in Taurus. There’s an urge for innovative action, but the eclipse also joins the South lunar Node. So, we may need to fall into line rather than lead the rebellion.

No matter the aspects, make your dominant intent each day to see the things that make you happy. When you see things that make you feel bad, either look in another direction or take “inspired” action. Complaining is counter-productive, unless it inspires helpful action. Be kind to one another as Ellen says and give yourself a good month.

I’ve been doing astrology readings (dare I say) for 50 years. Started in my early 20s and it’s the love work of my life.

Kayte Ryann, astrologer, 707-579-2610, text 707-322-0308,



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