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September Lesbian Startalk – Virgo

03 Sep Posted by in Guest Writers | 1 comment
September Lesbian Startalk – Virgo

September is the month of Virgo, the most thoughtful and meticulous sign of the zodiac. Classically Virgos are into health, hygiene, and diet, and often ‘germaphobic.’ They focus on the details, so sometimes “can’t see the forest for the trees,” unlike the opposite sign of Pisces who sees the forest, or big picture, missing the trees, or the details.

Pisces is the chameleon of the zodiac with identity issues at times and the most compassionate of the signs. Virgo is the helper. They are both mutable signs and at times too adaptable, therefore learning healthy limits and boundaries are themes for both signs.

The Moon moves about 12 degrees a day as we see it move across the sky. Lunar aspects generally influence for a few hours, planetary aspects longer. The personal planet aspects which move about a degree a day (the Sun, Mercury, & Venus) can influence for a day or so, Mars a couple of days or so. The outer planets much longer as they move much slower. Planets aspect each other when they are at the same degree or a specific angle. The type of aspect depends on the signs involved which form a harmonious influence or not so much. The more difficult aspects often produce power. The faster moving planet moves on, but when it goes retrograde (an ‘apparent’ backwards movement from our perspective), it may return to the degree and repeat the aspect. A third aspect may happen when the planet returns to direct motion and moves past the degree of the other planet for the third time. From the first meeting to the third or last is considered being of influence.

I explain this to help in understanding the intensity of some of these outer planets that have been influencing us this year and especially highlighting this month. The first this month making the third and last passing is a Jupiter in Scorpio and Saturn in Capricorn semi-square on the 3rd. Jupiter rules truth and Scorpio dives to the depths and digs ‘it’ up. Saturn’s job is to let us know what is wrong, not working or could go wrong. In Capricorn, it’s about the structure, which we are experiencing in the political and social arenas, as well as on a personal level. This aspect has been challenging us and society to overcome the resistance to necessary changes. The first aspect was Dec 22, 2017, second March 14, 2018.

The next big influence is Saturn returning to direct motion on the 6th (2 degrees), giving the go-ahead now to work or business issues that have been on hold since April.

The New Moon when the Sun and Moon have their monthly date is Sunday morning, September 9th in Virgo (17 degrees), encouraging us to jump start our physical body with healthy practices. This earth sign New Moon reminds us that, as important as our minds are, if we neglect our bodies they tend to suffer for it and soon will let us know. What may be needed will no doubt become clear within this new lunar cycle. It could be a tweak of the diet or a review of exercise plans, noting any lack or excess. Beginnings and reboots are often easier under a New Moon.

This New Moon meet-up is in opposition to Neptune in Pisces, which emphasizes chemical and fluid balance in the body. Even small, practical adjustments can be key. Pluto in Capricorn is sextile Neptune and trine the earthy Sun and Moon, emphasizing the changes that may transform us. Jupiter in Scorpio is mid-point and sextile to both Pluto and the Virgo pair, challenging us to dig for deeper truth by going inward toward our inner and higher guidance and then allowing the space for new life to emerge. This New Moon may also be a good time for a super clearing-out of clutter from closets, shelves, and desks.

On the 12th justice ruling Jupiter in Scorpio aspects transformational Pluto in Capricorn (18 degrees) for the third time since January 15th (19 degrees) & April 14th (21 degrees). Pluto has helped focus Jupiter in Scorpio’s ability to magnify hidden truths so they can no longer be denied. The “#MeToo” and “Time’s up” movements, as well as the ongoing investigations into the misuse of political power across the globe are demonstrations of the dynamic effects of this aspect. On a personal level it has forced ‘us’ to take more responsibility for our actions and experiences.

On September 18th the last of the three fixed squares this year between action-oriented Mars in progressive Aquarius and innovative Uranus in materialistic Taurus (1 degree) propels us into the future, compelling changes and risks that may have been building since May 16th (0 degree) and August 1st (2 degrees).

Saturn and Uranus have been moving in a harmonious trine all year moving from a fire trine (Sagittarius & Aries) in 2017 to an earth trine in 2018 and with-in 1 degree all of August and September (2 degrees). Conservative and safety-oriented Saturn in plan-for-the-future Capricorn, and futuristic Uranus in practical Taurus are assisting us to ‘give form’ to innovative ideas based on inspiration and insights that may have started last year.

The Fall Equinox is September 22, as the Sun moves into Libra. Mercury is right next to the sun, both trining Mars in Aquarius, which squares Uranus in Taurus. There may be some unexpected communication or declarations that may affect us on a personal level as well as the political scene across the globe. Venus in Scorpio also trines the Moon in Pisces which may bring an outpouring of compassion and help from the public (for the detained immigrant children?) The Sun and Mercury also square Saturn in Capricorn which may affect the financial market.

The Harvest Full Moon, Monday evening the 24th in Aries (2 degrees) is when the Sun & Moon oppose (or communicate from long distance). While Aries demands a ‘me first’ approach, the Libra Sun emphasizes ‘us’ and ‘we’ with compromises and win-win scenarios. The Sun and Moon both square Saturn in Capricorn forming a T-square whose internal tensions cannot be denied. Saturn may offer rules, protocols and controlled behavior. But the trine to Mars in Aquarius wants the freedom to be an individual and maybe a bit outrageous.

The last big influence this month is on the 30th when Pluto ends its 5-month retrograde period and returns to direct motion in Capricorn (18 degrees) transforming governments and the power structure across our planet.

In this magnetic Universe our focus attracts. So, focus more on how you want things to be rather than on how bad you think things are. Tell the stories of the things in your lives that are working, and not about what’s gone wrong. It could just change your life, in a good way.

Kayte Ryann, astrologer – 50 years experience. If you’d like to know how these significant aspects are influencing you personally, call 707-579-2610, text 707-322-0308, or email

Have a good month and I’ll return for the October overview in the next edition of Epochalips.



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One comment

  • MJ Lallo says:

    Hey Kayte thx for all your fantastic astral in-depth forecast!
    And your amazing dedication to astrology for 50 years!
    Since I am a wild woman with four planets in Aquarius this is really been helpful to me!