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October Lesbian Startalk

11 Oct Posted by in Guest Writers | Comments Off on October Lesbian Startalk
October Lesbian Startalk

October is the month of Libra, relationship-oriented and sometimes other-centered, to a fault. Ruled by Venus, Libra is artistic. Whether an “artist” or not, Libras have an artistic eye and cultured tastes. If you’re wooing a Libra, romance will help. Though harmony-seeking, don’t underestimate Libra’s ability to be a formidable opponent when necessary.

Libra’s planetary ruler Venus, currently traveling through the constellation of sultry Scorpio is one of the main influences of October. On Friday, the 5th Venus begins the annual 6-week retrograde period (10 degrees). Retrograde times are when the planet’s energies and influences are more inward. Until November 16th we are given an opportunity to look within and acknowledge problems we may have been avoiding, especially in the arenas of relationships and interactions with others. Also issues around shared resources, money, love and intimacy could bring our emotions to the boiling point.

Monday October 8th is the New Moon, when the Sun and Moon meet, beginning a new lunar cycle (16 degrees). In Venus-ruled Libra the New Moon places a natural emphasis on one-to-one relationships. This month there is a theme of nourishment and asking if the relationship is feeding both people equally. If not, what can be done to achieve a better balance. The lesson may be to be happy for the gift, rather than comparing and focusing only on the deficiencies. If we are single, how to find what feeds us in other relationship connections, or how to find a sense of connection with others.

This lunation also suggests that, to restore harmony in relationships, we must be willing to let go of unhealthy urges to ‘cling’. Being social beings the Libra part in all of us needs space to breathe and the safety to be totally ourselves. And there’s the need for balance that is also a strong Libra characteristic, the balance of being totally who we are, when some of our personality traits are difficult for the other, and the need for an intimate relationship. This seems to be emphasized as Venus travels through intense Scorpio.

This New Moon speaks of getting projects and relationships off the ground, or just finding an initial gust of wind to mobilize our energy, for example, meeting new people or participating in new activities. The Sun and Moon make a compelling square aspect to Pluto in Capricorn, also a cardinal or initiatory sign pointing to solid results. However, it may not be so much about results as about connections and cooperation. We don’t always hit the mark, nor manage to accomplish what we set out to as quickly as we desire. But once we relax and stop expecting perfection, we can appreciate what we bring to one another as a whole.

For the late-nighters among you, there is also a meteor shower peaking on the 8th, which could be quite visible as it is the ‘dark time’ of the month. They are usually better seen after mid-night and may be seen a couple of days before and after the peak.

On Tuesday the 9th Mercury, planet of communication moves into Scorpio, sign of research and getting to the bottom of things. Unless intense Scorpio has other ‘lighter’ influences like Sagittarius, Gemini, or Libra in the chart, Scorpio is not one for light ‘chatting,’ preferring more weighty and deep interactions.

Just missing Libra’s natural opposing sign of Aries, the Moon moves into Taurus for the Full Moon peaking Wednesday morning the 24th (1 degree), as the Sun moved into Scorpio the day before. Taurus relates to security and good living, with an emphasis on comfort and the feel-good factor.

First, the moon is joined with Uranus (O degree), accentuating individual needs with a touch of innovation and eccentricity. This can mean that what we expect as “usual” Taurus-type behavior may manifest as anything but usual.

The Full Moon always opposes the Sun, and in this case, also Venus, which has moved backwards to the beginning of Scorpio (4 degrees). The theme of envy is often linked with Scorpio, which may come up as an issue.

To further add power to this lunation, the lunar nodal axis squares the Full Moon forming a grand cross (1 degree Aquarius / Leo), which often indicates major life changing decisions, particularly with the involvement of Uranus, planet of seemingly unexpected changes. Most changes affect other people close to the person making the changes, which may drive both sets of people forward to achieve greater things, yet not necessarily being able to offer direct support to one another.

Saturn, in its home sign of Capricorn, adding strength and dignity, also closely affects the lunation adding a grounding quality (4 degrees). If we are branching out in new directions, we will soon get a sense of where the limits lie.

On Tuesday, the 30th, Mercury enters (teasingly) “foot-in-mouth” Sagittarius for the rest of the year. And Venus, on the 31st retrogrades back into Libra until early December (30 degrees).

See you in the November edition of Epochalips. I’d love to hear from you. Many of you may not know that I don’t get your comments unless you scroll down to the ‘send’ after writing your comment. Then it will go directly to my email. I just found that out myself.

To inquire about readings and consultations you can call 707-579-2610, which also has the daily influence on the message. You can also text me at 707-322-0308, or email to, or, of course, send a comment through Epochalips.

Kayte Ryann, certified professional astrologer


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